A Comprehensive PiYo Review

Updated: September 6th, 2018

There isn’t a shortage of people looking to get fit at home.
However, even with the abundance of weight loss and fitness programs available,
there are very few that do not rely on weights and equipment. One such program
is the PiYo program for Beachbody. We took the time to analyze the program as a
whole, talked to some people that had participated in it, looked at the science
behind the activities and read as many online reviews as possible. This
knowledge is what was used to develop this Comprehensive Review, offering
you an unbiased insight into the program and laying down our opinion on its
effectiveness. We hope you find it useful in your search for a fitness regimen.

What Is PiYo?

There era lot of PiYo reviews on the internet today. So, there
is a probability that you have come across the term once or twice when
searching for information relating to health and fitness. In short, PiYo is a
workout program from Beachbody that combines Pilates and Yoga at different
degrees of intensity. It can be looked at as a high-intensity low-impact
workout program that delivers without the need for jumps, weights, and joint

This review should offer you a details insight into this
new fitness approach that has taken over the at-home fat-loss and body
sculpting scene.

The Workout

During our PiYo reviews, we came to realize that it is more of
a precision based system. Many of the workouts out there are just different
implementations of the same old techniques. However, in the case of PiYo, we
reached the conclusion that this was a different approach altogether With the
other training programs, it was like taking a hatchet to the program. PiYo was
more of a surgeon’s scalpel with each move having a specific purpose and
intended end result.

The sequences in the workout were crafted with an end goal
in mind, something they achieved rather easily. The sequence and flow will keep
you constantly moving all through the workout. With the no impact trend
observed all through, there will be no joint or knee issues after an exercise.
Here is what we managed to compile.

piyo reviews


This is a 43-minute exercise. It is the introductory package
whose aim is to prepare your body for the forthcoming exercises. It improves
your form while introducing you to the basics. The trainer breaks down each
move offering you the right time to achieve the desired form. Though it may not
feel like much, it does help burn quite the large amount of calories.

Lower Body

This is a 20-minute exercise. It focuses on training your lower
abs and legs. The flow is dynamic and the unique moves rather enjoyable. This
is a combination of toning and stretching that works on your lower body as a
whole, your hamstrings and thighs included. This is a directed sort of exercise
that improves your core strength considerably. It is a welcome relief from the
more traditional squats and lunges.

Upper Body

This is a 19-minute exercise. It targets your biceps, triceps,
arms, and shoulders. This is a step up from the previous 2 in terms of
difficulty. There is, however, a modifier who makes things a little more
bearable. It is still less intense than the traditional alternative.


This is a 37-minute exercise. It is where speed kicks in and
cardio gets enhanced. The combination of yoga moves results in a dynamic
conditioning that includes a lot of balance works. The addition of focus
postures just looks to make the exercise more effective. The inclusion of some
resistance moves adds an aspect of strength training to the whole exercise.


This is a 48-minute exercise. This was a favorite among the pros
as it served to improve endurance. It activates all muscle groups and burns fat
leaving the consumer drowning in their own sweat. The difficulty here is
stepped up a notch further and the exercises are a little more demanding. As
the core is targeted, some discomfort may ensure in the following day or two.
For those that can sweat it out without quitting, the results are usually


This is a 26-minute exercise. The tempo changes often and the
exercises generally focus on toning of the different muscle groups and
lengthening them.

Strength Intervals

This is a 25-minute exercise. It is focused on resistance
training, with light exercises that tone your muscles dictating the exercises.
Sweating is a guarantee.

Who Was PiYo Intended for?

There is an appeal to home workout routines due to the convenience
and control that they offer. However, several of them are custom made for
certain categories of people, making them irrelevant for others. PiYo is
slightly different in that it covers a broad spectrum of intended users. Its
broadness means that it suits all manner of people across the fitness spectrum.

For, a beginner, whose road to fitness has just begun, PiYo proves
quite useful. It is an awesome starting point for getting your body into a
level of fitness that you desire. On the other hand, it is still a great
companion to starter programs like the P90.

The seasoned fitness veteran also has something to gain from
the workout. Integrating it with your current regimen should produce
tremendous piyo results, especially for those that train with a weightlifting

piyo results

PiYo best serves

  • Fitness pros looking for a supplementary workout program
  • Entry-level people that are looking for a fitness program to kick-start their training
  • People looking to avoid workouts of high-impact
  • Intermediate fitness trainers that are looking
  • to branch into Yoga or Pilates
  • People who want to accelerate fat loss without
    venturing into the extreme
  • It is also ideal for anyone in the following
  • Someone with joint problems
  • Someone looking for a less demanding more fun
    approach to weight loss
  • Someone in search of a shorter workout that is
    easier to complete
  • Someone looking to improve their balance,
    flexibility, and agility while gaining some extra strength
  • Someone looking for weight loss without the
    demands of jumping and intense cardio exercises
  • Older people looking to shed off a few pounds

The Kit

A good review would be incomplete without an analysis of
the PiYo Base Kit. The kit from Beachbody.com comes equipped with the

  • A quick start guide
  • A get lean eating plan
  • 10 workouts spread across 3 DVDs
  • Buns workout
  • A tape measure
  • A 60-day Piyo schedule

piyo workout

Let us explore each item further:

A quick start guide:

This is a crash course into all the prior information
needed to get started with the program. For the fitness pro, there is little if any new information that you may
encounter here. However, for the newbies
this is a must read as it helps offer any and all relevant information.

A Get Lean Eating Plan

This review looks at this as a nutritional guide. This eating
plan is similar in nature to many of the other Beachbody workout programs. It
is an excellent guide that helps you decide on what to eat and the quantities.
It forms a perfect reference system into healthy foods and their appropriate
serving sizes.

10 Workouts Spread Across 3 DVDs

The workouts are performed 6 days each week for the 60-day
program. Every workout is geared towards a specific aspect of fitness like
sculpting, strength training, cardio, abs, and body. The entire workout is led
by Chalene Johnson, a celebrity fitness trainer.

The workout is more intense for those with no yoga or Pilates
background and more often than not you will find yourself looking at the
screen. But this is only at the beginning. As the workout progresses further
and further, you will master the moves and depend less on the screen for cues.

There are also alternative positions elaborated in the workout
videos to enable people with all levels of fitness adequately participate in
the exercise.

Buns Workout

This is an optional workout video targeting your booty, hamstrings,
and quads. It is just like the rest of the workout as it uses your body weight
in an effort to increase resistance while toning and tightening your lower
body. Modifiers are also included in this workout to make it more effective for
anyone and everyone.

A Tape Measure

This doesn’t make it into this overview because it is a magical
tape or anything. It is a standard roll-up tape that can be used to keep track
of your body measurements as you indulge in the workout. It has a Beachbody
logo and is a simple yet useful accessory that brings the whole set together.

A PiYo 60-day workout calendar

This is wall calendar listing each of the workouts on a daily
basis for the entire 60-day period. It also serves a second purpose as a
motivational tool, especially if you mark off each daily activity after
successful completion.

PiYo Review—Does It Work

These are some of the people that we managed to sample
from several online sources from people that had attempted the workout routine.
There are people that commended the PiYo routine for its ability to trim the
body and make it lean. Even with minimal weight loss, the body managed to look
quite presentable and this encouraged them to take it a step further and add
another training routine to their exercise.

Most agreed that the regime was more energizing than exhausting,
leaving them with enough energy totaled the rest of their day without having to
fall into a couch and replenish their depleted energy results

Though unconventional, most people that were used to the traditional
regimens found this a new breath of life in theory exercise routines. As a
result, they were able to reach their body goals at a faster less demanding

does piyo work

The Good and The Bad

There isn’t a shortage of PiYo reviews. However, they all seem
to agree on the following pros and cons when it comes to this workout program.

The Pros:

  • You are always moving: Unlike in normal yoga
    where positions are held for certain periods of time, PiYo involves constant
    choreographed movements which are sequential and enjoyable. As such, there is
    little chance of getting bored during the exercise.
  • Increase flexibility: Many consumers have cited
    an increase in their overall flexibility thanks to the yoga element of the PiYo
  • Low impact workouts: The moves in the workout
    flow more naturally as jarring and jumping have been removed from the equation,
    something that seemed to strike the right chord with many users.
  • Modifiers: consumers of the PiYo workout seemed
    to praise the modifiers a whole lot. Especially the beginners who found solace
    in the availability of alternative positions. These were not only safe but also
    maintained the workout’s integrity especially as positions get trickier.
  • Great for beginners: The PiYo program is easy to
    get into making it an option for anyone despite their age, level of fitness or
    body type.
  • Quick Workouts: Generally, a workout lasts for
    about 45 minutes. However, since there is very little physical exertion, this
    time seems to flow much faster.
  • Minimal equipment needed: The fact that only a
    yoga mat and a towel were required for the exercise made many consumers happy
    as this meant fewer funds needed to be spent to acquire equipment.

The Cons:

  • Best serves the intermediate class – Most
    beginners found the moves rather difficult and demanding even with the addition
    of a modifier and the pros found it rather easy to make it through the workout.
  • Fast transitions – The lack of cues on the
    transitions left many frustrated as to
    the speed at which the transitions were made
  • Surprisingly short workouts – The fact that many
    of the first workouts were rather short left many consumers slightly
    disappointed. Most expected longer times for the low impact exercises.
  • Unbalanced workouts: Some of the workouts train
    one side of the body more than the other making it an uneven regimen.

How to Get PiYo

You can get it from the Beachbody website for three monthly installments
of $19.95 plus a $12 shipping fee. You can also get them from Beachbody on
Demand for the BOB yearly subscription free which comes with.


In conclusion, Piyo is a comprehensive full body workout that you’ll certainly enjoy doing. Having
divorced from the traditional routines and exercises, Piyo feels extremely refreshing.
Therefore, if you actually need an advanced and easy fitness program, then PiYo
will certainly suit you!

Just DO IT! Make it Happen!