21 Day Fix Calendar

21 day fix calendar

21 day fix trainer

A 21-day fix workout calendar is a beach workout routine that is normally done from home for thirty minutes in 21 days. This routine will help you to lose a substantial amount of weight within the 21 days, making your body to look better and more toned.

The program comes with special containers that are coded by colors for carrying and weighing different nutritional meals. Basically, the containers help one to eat a balanced meal while watching calories, they ensure that you eat just the right amount of food, not more or less.

Here is a complete calendar guide for the 21-day fix workout routine. The 21-day fix workout program comes with a detailed meal plan that will be used for the 21-day period.


There is a specific set of exercises that are done during the 21 day fix calendar. The exercises are normally done for 30 minutes every day for 21 days, they are simple and easy to follow especially since they are done from home. They’re are designed to work the whole body leaving your muscles well exercised and your body toned. Starting the 30 minutes workout routine may seem like a lot of work but once you get the hang of it, it will be like a walk in the park.

The workout consists of a number of selected workouts that run throughout the week. Each day has a unique workout routine to follow that works a specific part of your body. This ensures that your whole body is completely worked out, toned out and calories are lost. Some of the workout routines are light so that you can have a little break from the tiring workouts while staying in shape. The light workouts give you a break so that your muscles and joints can relax.

Each day has a different workout fix routine that is unique from the other. The good thing about the exercises is that they only last for 30 minutes. You can pick the best time for you to do this, either in the morning before you go to work or start your day or in the evening after all your day’s activity are done –it is that flexible.

Weekly workouts.

The following are the weekly workout routines as drawn on the 21 day fix calendar. A picture will be added below for illustration.

  • Monday; complete body cardio fix. This involves working your whole body, accelerating your heartbeat and training yourself on strength. This will prepare your body and also prepare you psychologically for the three-week long exercises while giving your body a good tone.
  • Tuesday; Upper body fix. This work out targets your upper body. You will use a lightweight to help you in working out your biceps, triceps and back muscles. Besides strength training, the upper body fix workout burns several calories and strengthens your mid-body.
  • Wednesday; Lower body fix. The lower body fix workout routine basically concentrates on your lower body. This exercise works your butt, thighs, and calf muscles. This is achieved through squats and lunges. Working the lower boy is a good way to lose a lot of calories while gaining strength.
  • Thursday; Pilates fix also known as flat abs. This is a slow workout routine that is basically designed to give you a break from the previous workout routine. You will work out the whole body so that you can keep the energy levels in check.
  • Friday; Cardio fix. This involves working your cardio by increasing your speed as you work out. You don't lift any weights or dumbbells during this workout routine. You will sweat a lot and lose the most calories by doing the cardio fix.
  • Saturday; Dirty 30. You will use dumbbells for this kind of workout. It involves working your cardio and building your strength. You may not lose as many calories as you will lose during the cardio fix but you will be in good shape and well-toned by the end of your 30 minutes.
  • Sunday; Yoga fix. This is your resting exercise. On this day, the schedule is designed for you to rest, however, to stay in shape and fit, yoga is recommended so that you can stretch your body and muscles as well as meditate as you gear towards starting a new week.
21 day fix workout schedule

All these exercises have been carefully considered and selected to give you the best results by the end of your 21-day fix workout routine. You will be in great shape with a perfectly toned body. The above exercises require a lot of discipline. The whole 21-day fix workout routine requires discipline in order to fulfill and achieve your desired look.

Daily meal portions.

The containers come in different sizes and colors. The concept is simple, the containers have been calibrated and you can consume the whole of it and still lose weight. They have been measured to hold just the right amount of food so that you don’t have less or more. The green container that holds vegetables is the biggest while the orange containers that hold salad dressing, coconut and seeds are the smallest.

There is also a list of all the foods that one can eat throughout the 21-day fix workout routine. The foods have been classified into six groups in line with the containers, this includes; vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, salad dressing, coconut and seeds.


The 21-day fix workout routine has received a lot of good reviews from all the clients who have tried it out. It is a very flexible routine that does not inconvenience you. You will not need to go to the gym or have long workout hours, yet you will still achieve your desired result by the end of the three weeks.

However, the 21-day fix workout routine is only designed to lose up to 20 pounds. If you want to lose more weight then you have to repeat the whole exercise all over again. Follow the guidelines, no diet cheat and follow the scheduled exercises and in only three weeks, you will see amazing results with a beautifully toned body.

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21 day fix workout program review

21 day fix workout program review

Losing weight can be a challenge to many people especially to those who want to cut down. There are so many ways to lose weight but none can compare to the 21-day fix workout routine. And you go through this 21-day fix review, you will notice that it’s a much simpler routine than all the other ways of losing weight even better than going to the gym, checking on the calories consumed and controlling food portion.

The 21-day fix workout has containers and shakers that are colored according to each day. These containers ensure one gets the right portions of foods and drinks without eating too much or too little. This program is not a diet plan, it is a regular eating plan in the right portions that will ensure you eat enough daily food intake while helping you to lose weight and achieve your desired calories. The 21-day workout fixture comes in form of a DVD that has guidelines on what to do and what to avoid doing.

How the 21-day fix workout program works.

A 21-day fix program is pretty simple. The program targets different muscles each day. All these can be done from the comfort of your home, very convenient if you ask me. It has a wide range of home workouts that include; yoga, cardio, compound exercises, resistance training, and Pilates.
The workouts are short, they don’t take too much of your time. This is especially convenient for those who do not want to go to the gym. With only 30 minutes, the routine is complete, you can do it before heading out to work and still achieve better results than those who spend hours in the gym. You will also work every part of your body and muscles.

The 21-days fix expectations.

The 21-day fix workout routine is basically a worth for your money plan. You will not regret buying this program because you will see results by the end of it. It does not consume a lot of your time as well. There is actually very little changes to your daily routine. It’s probably the most convenient plan that one can get, and it has real results at the end of it all.

A great way to lose weight while having value for your money. By the end of the 21 days that the program runs, you will see some positive changes in your body. The routine has a workable workout plan that anybody can do comfortably. The program’s routine also has a practical nutritional guide, this will enable you to eat the right types of food in the right quantities. By the end of it, you will be in great shape and feel good about yourself.

Just like any other routine, you have to stay disciplined and work hard. Most of the exercises are done on the floor, this means that you will be on the floor more. You will lose anything between 15 to pounds depending on your consistency. Expect improvement in your physical body as well as defined muscles.

The 21 days should be full of fun as you work out towards achieving your body and weight goals. However, you will not lose more than 20 pounds because the program is designed for a 20-pound loss maximum. If you want to lose more, then you have to go through the program again, repeating the whole procedure from day one to twenty-one.

21 day fix

The 21-day fix workout routine.

To read our full 21 Day Fix Calendar review, click on the link.

The program includes very simple yet effective workout plans. The workout includes;

  • Yoga fix: This is a simple routine that is scheduled for Sundays. The aim of Yoga is to make you relax and stretch every muscle in your body. Yoga will help you to improve your flexibility and balance as you go through your 21 days routine.
  • Cardio fix: This is a paced exercise that will help you to stay fit. The exercise will make you sweat and you will definitely run out of breath but it is in your best interest. This is the true definition of no gain without a sweat. Cardio will keep your whole body in good shape for only 30 minutes. It is a fun exercise that will make you not realize how time flies before you know it, your 30 minutes is used up.
  • check
    Pilates fix: This exercise is scheduled for Thursdays. This will offer you the much-needed break from the routine. Pilates basically gives a break from the cardio exercises that are so engaging. However, you still get to work your body and tone your muscles.
  • check
    Upper body fix: This exercise involves a lot of abdominal and back movements. The movements also go all the way to the chest and shoulders. You can either use dumbbells or a restraining band when doing this exercise. It involves a lot of circuit and resistance moves.
  • check
    Lower body fix. This involves working on your lower body. The plan includes cardio and a lot of lower body exercises. You will need a mat, a restraining band, and dumbbells.

The 21-day fix eating routine.

The eating routine is detailed to the letter. It has a day to day nutritional plan that will guide you step by step. This is the most important part of this routine. The colored containers will help you in having the right amounts of food and drinks so that you don’t eat less or more.

The special containers are colored accordingly, and they come in different sizes. This is basically to help you so that you can minimize your portion mistakes. The containers have already been measured so whatever food you put in them should be consumed wholly and you will still get to lose the extra weight that you wanted to lose. There’re 7 containers in total and one shakeology cup. Each container also measures different types of food.

Green containers are for vegetables, purple containers are for fruits, red containers are for proteins, yellow containers are for proteins and blue containers are for healthy fats and cheeses. Orange containers that are 2 in number are for seeds and dressings. The shakeology mixing cup is basically for mixing drinks and juices.

You can fill the containers to the brim and eat everything and you will still lose weight. They have been weighed and measured into what your body will need. The portions are nearly accurate. The 21-day fix routine challenges you to be in charge and take control without giving up your power. All you need to do is follow up on the recommended food in the program and you are good to go, no calories watch or fear of eating more than you should.

The program comes with a list of recommended foods to eat. You can forgo a certain color of the container and eat another. The green container that contains vegetables can be served more than once though because you cannot have too much of vegetables. The good thing is, you cannot add weight from eating too many vegetables, at least not leafy vegetables.

Some of the foods that are recommended in the 21-day fix workout routine include; Apple cinnamon yogurt, cheddar, and chive waffles, chocolate, peanut butter and banana, poached eggs and chicken sausages, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes, egg muffins. These are some of the foods that you can choose from for breakfast.

There are a number of vegetables to choose from, ranging from collards, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, snow peas, cucumbers, cauliflower, pumpkin, squash among others.

Proteins include; sardines, boneless and skinless chicken, lean ground chicken, skinless turkey breasts, goat meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, white meat like shrimps, crabs, and lobster.
Carbohydrates include; Sweet potatoes, plantains, yams, beans, lentils, cassava, brown and refined rice, and whole grain with low sugar cereals,

Healthy fats; Avocado, almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, walnuts, coconut milk, cheese among others.
The above are just a sample of foods that you can choose from when enrolling for the 21-day fix workout plan. There are a variety of fruits to also choose from. Once you buy the program, you will get the full list of the foods that you are allowed to take and the foods that you should avoid.

meal prep containers

Getting the most out of the 21-day fix routine.

The 21-day fix workout routine is purely a personal choice. People go through it differently. Some do not finish the challenge while others follow a different plan within the workout program. No one person does the same thing as prescribed in the workout routine. Follow the procedure s is indicated to the last dot, but if you miss one work out plan, do not beat yourself about it rather make sure you make up for the lost day in the subsequent days.

Discipline is key in achieving your goals and having good results when it comes to the 21-day fix workout routine. Give each workout your best because the harder you work the better your results will be. Do your best and your body will reward you for it. Strive for perfection in each set of the exercise, do the same movement until you achieve the desired movement. This will ensure the intended body part or muscle is well worked out, an eventually get good end results.

Follow your meal plan as described in the program keenly. This means that you have to eat within what has been recommended in the 21-day fix routine. Restructure your meal plan and follow it well. If you do not do this, then the whole routine will lose meaning and you will not see the results that you desire. However, if you follow the program to the latter, then you will start seeing positive changes by the end of the first week.

You will only need a few things and you are good to go; a towel, sneakers, a water bottle and a ground mat for exercise. Follow your workout routine and your eating plan and everything else will just fall into place. When you finish your 21-days fix workout routine, you can do it all over again. This will give you even better results. Your body will be amazing with the right muscles popping and looking very well-toned.

Pros and Cons of a 21-day fix workout routine.


  • The 21-day fix workout routine has become very popular and is still gaining a lot of popularity. Many people are opting to try it because of how effective and convenient it is. It is a lot of fun to work through the three weeks program too, it makes losing weight look like a child's play. This could be the reason why I haven’t come across a negative 21-day fix review so far.
  • check
    It does not inconvenience the user and the meal plan is very easy to follow.
  • check
    The program only lasts for 21 days, and as long as you follow the laid procedures, then you are guaranteed to lose weight by the end of it. Most programs run for a month or so but this is only 21 days.
  • check
    The workout routine only goes on for thirty minutes. This can be done from the convenience of your home. You only have to set aside a few minutes of your time, do your exercise for the day and you are good to go.
  • check
    The exercise routines are quite simple too. These are simple exercises that can be done from home without an instructor and they are only done for thirty minutes every day.


  • •The program has no rest: When you start the program, you must follow it strictly to the end.
  • check
    That eating plan: The food that is recommended is the only food you can have during the period that you will be under the program. You cannot change or cheat on your diet, you cannot skip your exercises either. You must follow the instructions duly.
  • check
    The 21-day fix workout program is not for building muscles: The program is only designed to help you lose weight and nothing else.
  • check
    You can only lose up to 20-pounds per schedule: For the 21 days that you will undertake the program, the most weight you will lose is 20-pounds because that is how the program has been designed. If you want to lose more weight, then you have to do a repeat of the whole program for another 21 days.


As you can see, the 21-day fix program is a pretty straightforward and effective weight loss program. It’s one of the most popular programs with an increasing amount of positive 21-day fix reviews both online and offline. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Have fun as you work towards losing weight.

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P90X3 vs T25: What is the difference?


P90X3 vs T25: What is the difference?

Are you having trouble choosing between Tony Horton’s P90X3 and Shaun T’s Focus T25? Well, quite honestly, both workout programs are going to yield impressive results and you will love them both. However, there’s a noticeable difference between P90X3 vs T25 which this article is going to break down and hopefully help you make a choice.

But first, let’s break down the highlights of each program.


What is Focus T25?


t25 vs p90x3

One of the most common excuses people use to not workout is time or lack of it. “I would like to work out but I just don’t have the time” I can’t count how many times I have heard that line. Now with the Focus T25, this excuse is invalid. As the name suggests, you will be required to focus your intensity for 25 minutes to yield the maximum results. Sounds awesome, right?

So you only need 25 minutes for 5 days a week –pretty much anyone who is serious about living an active lifestyle can fit this one in. the Focus is designed for people who need intensive workout –straight to the point.

How it works: The T25 workout program is divided into 2 phases and the third phase is available as a bonus, separately. The two phases included in the Focus program Base Kit are the Alpha phase and the Beta phase. The third phase –Gamma phase –is sold separately. The alpha phase is meant to build your foundation, endurance, and core, which will enable you to handle the Beta phase more favorably.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can purchase the additional gamma phase, but this will need some weights and an additional 5 weeks. The standard Focus program runs for 10 weeks, but the gamma phase requires an additional 5 weeks. In total, you will need to set aside 15 weeks for the three phases.

Shaun T, the developer of the program stresses that this program will focus on all major muscles on your body. So when you think you can’t take it anymore, the program shifts to focus on a completely new muscle group. So once again, time is no excuse.

Focus T25 Features

  • In summary, here are the program’s highlights;-
    25 minutes per day
    11 different types of workouts (Alpha & Beta base kit)
    A total of 50 workout days for the alpha and beta phases (25 more days if you purchase the gamma phase available–separately)
    A combination of cardio and strength –but more focus on cardio.
    Minimal equipment required –a resistant band is included in the base kit.
    You don’t need extensive previous experience with intensity workouts.
    There is a modifier for every workout.

Find out more about T25 here: https://www.serresponsavel.com/t25-review/

What is P90X3?


tony horton


P90X3 is essentially a muscle acceleration system. A number of health and fitness workout experts agree that the most dramatic changes happen during the first 30 minutes of a workout. Tony Horton combined everything he has proven with Muscle Integration and Muscle Confusion and designed new routines that take advantage of the science behind shorter workouts.

The muscle acceleration system blends a well-structured schedule with a number of effective high-intensity, unprecedented variety of moves that will keep every major muscle challenged for the entire 30 minutes. The P90X3 program combines everything that works from the previous P90X and P90X2 programs with new science to kick things into overdrive.

The end result is a package of short, intense and more targeted workouts that only take 30 minutes. But don’t be mistaken –these workouts will make you look and feel like you’ve been working it out in the gym the whole day.

How it works: The P90X3 program consists of 16 DVD’s and it’s anchored on 3 approaches which allow for classic, lean and mass building programs. The program addresses everything from building to toning. The 16 DVD’s include 3-cross training, 6 muscle-building, 4 core flexibility, and 3 fat-burning programs.

A majority of workouts in this program are 30 minutes long with 2-3 minutes of resting at the end. The program is split into 3 blocks each lasting 4-5 weeks. The first 2 blocks last for four weeks while the last one lasts for five weeks. If you wish to go past the 90 days, you can buy the additional Ultimate or Deluxe P90X3 Kits. These are purchased separately and added to the base kit.

P90x3 Features:

In summary, here are the P90X3 quick highlights

  •  30 minutes per day.
    16 different types of workouts.
    4 additional/bonus workouts.
    A total of 90 days required – (3) 30-day blocks.
    Elite phase available as a bonus.
    Combination of cardio and strength but with more focus on strength.
    Dumbbells, medicine/stability ball and chin up bar required but not included.
    You don’t need extensive previous experience with intensity workouts.

Find out more about P90X3 here: https://www.serresponsavel.com/p90x3-review/

P90X3 vs T25 Differences

  • Equipment: Focus T25 requires very little external resistance or equipment. You can easily execute the program with resistance bands and body weight. But as you advance, a set of dumbbells can come in handy. P90X3 can also be completed with resistance bands or dumbbells, but you will get even better results if you include a chin-up bar and a stability ball.
  • Workouts and time: T25 consists of 11 workouts (25 minutes each) and takes a total of 50 workout days, working 5 days a week. The additional Gamma phase requires an additional five weeks and comes with 4 more workouts. On the other hand, P90X3 comes with 16 workouts (30 minutes each) and requires 90 days to complete. The advanced additional Elite level comes with 3 workouts and requires 4 extra weeks.
  • Nutrition Plan: Both programs come with a straightforward and easy-to-follow nutrition plan. T25 comes with 5-day fast start and 25 top foods that you should always have in your home. P90X3 provides a wide range of foods ranked from best to worst, which you should incorporate in your diet. It’s designed to be more flexible.
  • Modifiers: both programs have a trainer performing the higher intensity and the lower intensity version of the moves. All the Focus T25 workouts have a modifier while not all the P90X3 workouts include a modifier. The advantage with T25 here is that it always has the same trainer performing the modifier in the same place.

P90X3 vs T25: which one is right for you 

The right answer to this question depends on your goals. For instance, if you want to shed off some pounds within a short time, the Focus T25 is your best option. A lot of people have lost 10-15% body fat and 30-40 pounds after performing one cycle of the T25 program.

On the other hand, the P90X3 program would be a great option if you want to build lean muscles and tone your body a little more. The workouts included here are quite intense –they will leave your muscles tired and sore, but properly worked.

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P90X3 vs Body Beast: Breakdown

P90X3 vs Body Beast: Breakdown

p90x3 vs body beast

So you’ve decided you want to seriously lose some weight, build some muscles, and get into shape. But you’re not sure which program to choose between Body Beast and P90X3. Both programs are notorious for being extremely intensive and you need sufficient dedication and focus to get the best results.

The two programs were developed by the Beach Body Company but under different trainers. P90x3 was developed by Tony Horton, an accomplished personal trainer, in collaboration with Beach Body while the body Beast was developed by Sagi Kalev, a veracious bodybuilder, in collaboration with Beach Body. The two trainers are renowned health and fitness names in the industry, so you can rest assured that either of these workouts will yield results.

In this article, we’re going to break down and compare P90X3 and Body Beast to help you choose the most suitable program for you. Let’s start with a quick look at each program and what it offers.

Program overview

P90X3 workout program

Tony Horton

The P90X3 workout comes in three levels; the P90X3 Base Kit, P90X3 Deluxe Kit, and the P90X3 Ultimate Kit. As you advance from the Base kit to the Ultimate Kit, the intensity increases. All the kits provide a workout calendar and a nutritional plan to accompany your workouts.

The three Kits segment allows people of every budget to afford a copy of the P90X3. Here is a quick run through what you can get with each Kit.

P90X3 Base Kit Includes:

  • 16 brand new and unique workouts on 8 DVDs
  • Fitness Guide
  • 5 Free Gifts
  • Nutrition Guide
  • How to Accelerate Intro DVD
  • 90-Day Workout Calendar
  • P90X On One Leg DVD
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Premium P90X3 Hat

P90X3 Deluxe Kit

Includes all the Base Kit features plus;

  • 3 Extreme workouts on DVD
  • Free Elite Block Calendar
  • 3 B-Lines Elite Resistance Bands
  • 1-Month E and E Tub

P90X3 Ultimate Kit

Includes all the Base and Deluxe Kit features plus:

  • P90X Chin-Up Max
  • 1-Month Results and Recovery Tub
  • Premium quality Beachbody Jump Mat
  • P90X Chin-Up Bar

There are four types of workouts in each of the 3 P90X3 mixed together within the 90-day period i.e. P90X3 Resistance, P90X3 Cardio, P90X3 Power, and Core, Flex, and Balance. There is not much emphasis on the extreme resistance training, but the perfect mix of muscle fatigue and cardio will help you burn fat much faster.

Body Beast workout Program

Sagi Kalev

Body Beast is a 90-day home workout routine that focuses on strengthening the body. The program can support either bulking up or lean muscle mass, with fat loss as a side effect in both cases. The program consists of 12 main workouts that primarily use resistance exercises or weight training.

Each of the three months has a distinct Training Block with customized focus and diet recommendations. The main difference between P90X3 vs. Body Beast is that Body Beast workouts are developed around weightlifting. So if you’re looking to add some muscle mass and sculpt your body within 90 days, this might be your best option.

As you move up through the 3-month blocks, the program recommends heavier weights that will increase muscle size and strength. Most of the workouts here last between 30 to 50 minutes. Here are the three blocks

  • Block One (first month) –Build: consists of an introduction to various types of workouts designed to trigger muscle growth.
  • Block Two (second month) –Bulk: Minimal attention on cardio and a strong focus on diversified workouts that will improve the size and strength of muscles build in the first month.
  • Block Three (third month) –Beast: Circuit training, weight training and cardio tones and sculpts while still contributing to the already developed muscle

The name “Body Beast” might sound intimidating indeed, but the program actually includes an introduction to weight training with gradual progress over the 90-day period. It’s not as intensive as the P90X3, but make no mistake, you will still be training at your max level with impressively quick results.

P90X3 vs Body Beast

Workout Preference

When deciding between P90X3 vs Body Beast workout programs, your personal preferences will play a major role. The final results you achieve from any workout routine depends on how well you’re able to stick with it. If you pick a program that you don’t like, chances of successfully performing it weekly for months and years to come are very slim.

With the P90X3 program, you will be performing mixed workouts including lots of bodyweight exercises, cardiovascular work, core strengthening, some resistance training, stabilization, balance and so on. These variables mean that your goal here is not just to build muscles, but to get fit.

Body Beast, as you’ve already seen, focuses more on training with weights. You don’t get cardiovascular training here. The primary focus of the Body Beast is to build strength and muscles. So if your preferences lean towards lifting weights and you hate cardiovascular work, Body Beast might be your best option.

Extra Equipment needed

Both the two programs require you to purchase some extra equipment. With the P90X3 routine, you will need a set of dumbbells, chin-up bar, a mat and a resistance band. The Body Beast program requires a stability ball or a weight bench, adjustable dumbbells, pull up bar/resistance bands, EZ curl bar, and a yoga mat. If you have a decent home gym, chances are you’re already set to use any of these programs.

Time Required

Most of the P90X3 workouts take about 50 to 60 minutes to complete. Some routines such as the Yoga X run longer –90 minutes, while the Cardio X requires less than 45 minutes. You will generally work out for 5-6 days a week with both programs. The Body Beast’s workouts take about 30 to 50 minutes each. You should set aside at least 7 hours of commitment per week.

Nutrition Plan

Both programs come with a nutrition plan to go along the workouts. The Body Beast comes with the “The Body Beast Eating Plan”, which is essentially a standard bodybuilding nutrition plan; 5-6 meals a day compost of popular bodybuilding foods like eggs, lean meat, brown rice, and tuna. The meal plans are adjusted and correspond to the three phases of the workout program.

P90X3 also comes with a nutritional plan that you’re supposed to stick to till the end. The meal plan is broken down into 30-day phases according to the type’s workouts and intensity. There’re fives meals per day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus two snacks in between. The program also goes ahead to list specific means that you should eat each day.

So, which program is best for you?

When it comes to choosing between P90X3 vs. Body Beast, the most important thing is to choose a routine that you will most likely stick to till the end. Both programs run for 90 days, and this duration is meant to help you develop a habit of working out regularly. So forget about the results and testimonials you’ve heard from previous beneficiaries and focus on picking a program that you can stay fully dedicated to the entire duration.

It also helps to keep your workout goals and personal preferences in mind as earlier mentioned. If your primary goal is to build muscles and strength, then the Body Beast provides a favorable set of workouts and meal plans to achieve this. On the other hand, if your main goal is to lose weight and improve your overall body fitness, then you should consider the P90X3 program.


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T25 vs Insanity – The breakdown and comparison

T25 vs Insanity – The breakdown and comparison.

T25 vs. Insanity

Choosing between the Focus T25 and the Insanity workout routines can be a tough decision, but we’re hoping to help you make the right decision at the end of this article. Everyone is different and so the program that works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. This is the reason we’re breaking down each of these programs to make your decision easier.



Insanity’ just as the name suggests, is one of the most challenging workout programs on the market. It’s a total body workout which requires no equipment or gym –you can actually do it right at home using your body weight for resistance.

This program is based on a fitness technique known as “max interval training.” The traditional interval training involves exercising at very high intensity for a short period of time, followed by a long resting period. The aim is to increase your aerobic fitness while burning body fat.

Max interval training involves working as hard as physically possible for 3-minute intervals, followed by 30-second rest periods in between. The intensity that comes with the Insanity training program is claimed to burn as much as 1,000 calories an hour.

The program involves 10 workouts with each routine lasting between 45 and 60 minutes and these have to be done 6 days a week. The entire program takes 60 days to complete and your workout schedule changes weekly. In the first month, you will be required to perform 5 total body workouts, and these include;

  • Fit Test
  • Resistance and Cardio Power
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Pure Cardio
  • Cardio Recovery

Before you start the second month, there will be a recovery week that includes a balanced routine and a daily core cardio routine. While it will still make you sweat, this recovery week isn’t as intense as the first four weeks. This week prepares you for the even rougher workouts in the second month. The second month has the following 4 workouts:

  • Max – Interval Circuit
  • Max – Cardio Conditioning
  • Max – Interval Plyo
  • Max – Recovery

Insanity is generally an extreme workout program where you have to push both your mind and body to their limits. So while you might be ready and in good shape, you might find it challenging to keep up at first.

Focus T25


To Read our full T25 reviews click on the Link:

Focus T25 is an intense full-body workout program similar to Insanity but with shorter sessions. While the Insanity program requires about 60 minutes per session, the Focus T25 squeezes all the benefits into just 25 minutes. The T25 workout routine consists of ten different 25-minute workouts.

The T25 program is a little less intense and has a starting point that allows you to work up gradually through 3 phases. The three phases include;

  • Alpha: Unlike the Insanity program, you’re not diving in head first here. The alpha phase is supposed to help you “get your feet wet” as far as the intensive workout is concerned. You’re basically testing the program to find your own suitable pace. Workouts in this phase include Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total body circuit, Ab intervals and Lower focus
  • Beta: once you’ve mastered the initial workout routine and worked up your muscles, the beta phase introduces some basic core conditioning. The workouts here include Core cardio, Rip’t circuit, Speed 2.0, Upper focus and Dynamic core.
  • Gamma: The T25 Gamma phase workouts routine is sold separately but highly recommended if you will be soon heading to more intense routines like Insanity. This phase involves some real hard-core weight training that prepares you for other more advanced workouts.

In the T25 program, you perform one workout a day for four days and two workout routines on the 5th day. You will then skip the 6th day and do some stretching and warm up on the 7th day. T25 might not be as intensive as the Insanity, but it’s still not for the faint-hearted. It’s a high impact, intensive work out that won’t let you off the hook for a full 25 minutes.

T25 vs Insanity


Insanity involves full 60 minutes of, well…insanity. The program demands 1 hour per day, 6 days a week and 60 total days of hard-core workout. If you can manage to spare an hour per day, the program works great. But one of the most common complaints from many participants is that they’re unable to get a full hour every day for 6 days a week. Which is why a few of them have ended up abandoning the program.

T25, on the other hand, is shorter, less punishing and with a customized starting point –but still very intense. T25 was primarily created for people who would love to get it done in lesser time but without sacrificing muscle-building and fat burning results. You still get an ultra-potent mix of core fitness, sculpturing, and cardio. T25 requires 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and a total of 70 days.


T25 might only require 25 minutes of your time per day, but that doesn’t make it any “easier” than the Insanity routine. You will be required to pack everything in the 25 minutes, and since it’s not a whole full hour, you can push harder knowing that it will be over soon.

When it comes to Insanity, you have to push yourself for a whole hour. Unlike the T25, it has very little room to modify your workout routine to suit you. Insanity is way more intense and punishing than T25 with no excuses and no exceptions.


T25 is designed to produce results without punishing your body so much. It begins on a lighter note that lets you define your starting point so you don’t have to kill yourself on the first day. You start at a comfortable but still challenging rate in the Alpha phase upon which you will build on in the Beta and gamma phases. So unlike the insanity program, you get to build your pace gradually over the weeks.

Who are These Programs Perfect for?

The suitability of T25 vs Insanity boils down to time. The Insanity workout routine was developed for people looking for intensive cardiovascular exercise routines. It’s truly hardcore. It comes with plyometric-based moves meant for shredding away fat from your body and it might be just the perfect choice for people looking for boot camp style workout routines.

The Focus T25 is quite an intensive workout routine too designed for full-body toning. It only requires 25 minutes per day and five days a week, making it a great option for busy mums and those with demanding full-time jobs. It’s generally suitable for those who have less time to spare and hence want to get the best results from each workout effort.

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The P90X3 Schedule Breakdown


extreme fitness accelerated

This is one of the latest and one of the most popular fat-burning work out program that was created by Tony Horton. The P90X3 workout schedule brings together a variety of fitness regiments of the other previous programs in that takes half of the time. This is to say: the workout takes 30 minutes unlike the rest take 60 minutes.

Are you in search of that dream beach body? Well, P90x3 is an option. This schedule is arranged into training blocks. These training blocks are fashioned to test and improve the functioning of your body with a technique known as ‘muscle confusion’. Simply explained, muscle confusion is working your muscle in different ways using a range of routines and workouts. The aim of muscle confusion is to ensure that you do not reach the climax in your training where muscle growth stagnates. This muscle confusion promotes fast results throughout the workout. This ensures a maximum fat loss, muscular growth, and body conditioning.

The P90x3 workout schedule is split into 4 blocks. 1 week is meant for recovery and three weeks for an intense workout. The week set aside for recovery is not as dormant as it sounds; it’s the week that you avoid the heavy workouts but still do light workouts. This functions to keep the muscles occupied as they recover from the workout of the previous week. It also helps the body prepare for the coming week of intense workouts. This entire workout is scientifically made to build endurance, flexibility, and strength in only 90 days.

One of the advantages of  P90X3 is that it’s very customizable; adherence to it depends on your fitness goals and needs. The descriptions below will help you settle on the method that suits you best.

Classic: This P90X3 program is suitable for starters. Its schedule is set at a specific speed that increases intensity with time allowing you to build endurance and strength. This classic program will take you through cardio, strength, and conditioning.

Doubles: For people that want to lose some weight and are perfectly okay with putting up extra cardio workouts, the doubles schedule is the best. However, people recovering from injuries should avoid the workout. The initial phase of the P90X3 program is just as any normal cardio workout program. The next phase brings in one extra workout thrice a week, and the fourth and final phase adds more complementary workouts 4 days every week.

This is the most rigorous version of the program. It is usually for those doing several rounds or the extreme athlete.

Lean: When it comes to the lean schedule, there are no chances of messing around. As much as each workout is still only half an hour long, it’s dedicated almost entirely to cardio. This means breaking a really serious sweat. This workout divides itself into blocks of 3 with each taking four to five weeks each. It needs you to be completely dedicated to the program if you want to see results and finish the program.

This program is suitable for anyone who is scared about the trying out the classic plan. The lean program will enable you to lose fat. This is because it focuses more on putting you into the cardio ‘fat burning’ zone that promotes weight loss. For the P90X3 lean program, you are not required to take part in the plyometrics or the legs and back workouts.

Mass: This is for exercise gurus who have already established a strong baseline of fitness or have reached their target goal weight. It is designed to pack on a couple of muscle in a way that is similar to or more than the normal weight training. Alternatively, you can opt for a “doubles” option that functions to increase your workout time to an hour a day.

Below is a sample of the phase 1 workouts.

        Phase 1

     First, Second and Third week

  • Day one- You do total synergies workouts for classic, doubles, mass, and Accelerators for leans schedule.
  • Day two- classic and mass you do Agility X workouts and Agility X Dynamix. 
  • Day three- X3 yoga workouts for all the phases.
  • Day four- the challenge workouts for classic, double and mass phases
  • Day five- CVX for classic and double, isometric for lean and Pilates x for the mass phase
  • Day six- warrior workouts for classic and doubles, agility x for lean, and incinerator for the mass phase.
  • Day seven- Dynamix workouts for all phases.

          Week Four

  • Day one- Isometrix workout for all lean, classic, doubles and mass.
  • Day two- Dynamix workouts for classic, mass, lean and doubles.
  • Day three- Accelerator workouts for classic, doubles and lean and the warrior workout for mass.
  • Day four- Pilates X workouts for mass, lean, double and classic.
  • Day five- CVX workout for classic, lean, and agility X workouts for mass and doubles.
  • Day six- X3 yoga workouts for mass, lean, double and classic.
  • Day seven- Dynamix workouts for double, lean, classic and mass.

Below is a complete picture of the entire schedule:

Week 1Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 2 Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 3Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 4IsometrixDynamicsAcceleratorPilates XCVXX3 YogaDynamix
WeekMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Week 5Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 6Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 7Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 8IsometricxDynamicsAcceleratorPilates XCVXX3 YogaDynamics
Week 9DeceleratorAgility XThe ChallengeX3 YogaTriometricsTotal SynergisticsDynamics
Week 10DeceleratorMMXEccentric UpperTriometricsPilates XEccentric LowerDynamics
Week 11DeceleratorAgility XThe ChallengeX3 YogaTriometricsTotal SynergisticsDynamics
Week 12DeceleratorMMXEccentric UpperTriometricsPilates XEccentric LowerDynamics
Week 13IsometricsAcceleratorPilates XX3 YogaDynamicsDynamicsDynamics


Whether you want to lose that extra fat, get ripped or you want to outperform everyone else on the; track, court or field, there is a workout suitable for you. The options discussed in this article that are offered by the P90X3 routine are all you need. You can make a huge difference in building new muscles and burning all excess fat, in just 30 minutes a day. By utilizing few or no gym equipment at all, you can get your dream body. With this workout, there are no giving excuses. Remember to eat healthy and whole foods, improve your cardiovascular health with cardio workouts and you will build a better version of you.

P90X3 has 4 methods of workout allowing you to have a selection of what you want to do. This also gives you an opportunity to tailor-make your workout programme. Tailor-making anything makes you feel a sense of control and eases the workout process for you.

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P90X vs. P90X3 – Which Workout is Better?

P90X vs. P90X3 

Many questions have come up concerning P90X vs. P90X3, with the recent release of the P90X3 program. Their differences, similarities, which is healthier and which meal plans should they be accompanied with are a number of the queries individuals are having. In this article, the main points of every program are mentioned to assist you to get a much better idea of the two programs and which one would fit your needs.

Let us discuss the P90X program first then later expound on the P90X3.


tony horton doing exercise

P90X is a home-based exercising program that is well-balanced in terms of workouts. Its aim is to assist individuals to get into their best body form. P90X program primarily offers some resistance workouts, yoga, and intense sweat causing cardio workouts and stretching workouts to crown it all.

There are three exercise plans that you simply will follow with the P90X program. They are:

  • Lean- The lean program is almost the same as the classic, with a bit more emphasis on losing fat and getting to eliminate that additional weight. This program incorporates a ton of cardio in it.
  • Classic- Classic incorporates all aspects of fitness workout routines. This implies that you are simply going to doing a little bit of all workouts, together with cardio, bodybuilding, and yoga. You’ll participate in weight exercises like pushups, dips, and pull-ups. Additionally, you will do some quality resistance moves that make use of weights to assist you tone and build muscles with the use of bands and dumbbells.
  • Doubles- Doubles physical exercise is almost the same as the classic routine with further sixteen minutes ab workouts. This in total averages to seventy-five minutes of workout time. On top of all that, there’s an additional cardio exercise session added in at the very end of the exercise for three days in each week. A yoga-X workout lasts ninety minutes.

If you’re the sort of person who has a busy schedule and little time to work out, then the P90X exercise program may not be the most effective selection for you. Every workout is close to an hour long. As long as you adhere to the workouts and diet set up you’ll get the expected results.

In addition, the program needs you to possess some working out tools. That’s to say there’ll be some additional cost for purchase of these tools. On top of that, if you travel a great deal, it will be troublesome to carry the tools with you. Look to cut down on cost by buying from low-cost sellers on-line.

The only drawback to the P90X program is that towards the end of the program, cardio workouts are very easy. Once you have worked out a month or two, the cardio workouts would appear to be terribly simple at this point. Once this happens, it’s best that you simply try adding extra time to the exercise, or carry some dumbbells while you’re doing the workout moves. This may increase body resistance resulting in muscle growth.


synergistic exercises

If you’re interested in reading our P90X3 review click the link.

P90X3 is varied largely from P90X and P90X2. P90X was such a great success because it bore results pretty fast, and that’s precisely what you get with P90X3. P90X3 is all about using the shortest time possible to perform the best workout. Every one of the workouts takes only a half-hour long. The P90X3 workout schedule is structured in a way that’s backed up scientifically. There are loads of studies recently, done in order to measure the advantages of shorter workouts. The findings indicate that the majority of people taking part in workouts enjoy outcomes from the first thirty minutes!

P90X3 additionally incorporates some latest varieties of working out, such as:

  • Pilates
  • Isometrics
  • And even some MMA style workouts

Simply put, P90X3 took the most effective from both P90X and P90X2 and combined it into one exercise program with few additional workouts. You’ll be able to modify any of the moves in P90X3, just like you could in the previous two programs. P90X3 is basically about doing what works work for you, and so you are doing it.


Both programs assist you to accomplish pretty much the same things. Thus in terms of the outcome of the process, they are similar. The most conspicuous result of incorporating them into your workout schedule is that they get you into the perfect body shape and fitness after a while.

The P90X3 workout program is best for beginners or people who are new in the workout world. The workouts are not as intense and lengthy as those in the P90X program. However, if you are impatient and desire quick and visible results, then you should opt for the P90X program.

Any exercise after beyond the first 30-minutes time span is going to be more of a top up to the main exercise. Therefore, the P90X3 program can be argued to be more efficient and time-saving for those taking part in it.


P90X vs. P90X3 programs are similar in terms of workouts done. The sole distinction is that P90X3 covers a shorter time (30 minutes) as compared to P90x which takes roughly one hour. Finally, the choice of which program to undertake entirely lies up to you. If you an unsure of which program to adopt, try both on alternate days. Listen to your body and stick with the one that does create the greatest fulfillment without much strain. Also, consider the program that favors your normal daily routine like work. Additionally, in terms of your finances, consider the one that needs very little or no equipment to assist cut costs. Factor in your end goal; losing body fat, gaining muscle or maintaining.

These programs ought to be taken seriously for results to be seen. The correct diet must accompany the exercise program you choose as well. Note that P90X3 is more accommodating in terms of your time, and it’s also beginner friendly when compared to the P90X workout program. The P90X program can get you great results as much because it is difficult and time-consuming.

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PiYo Results – Does PiYo Work?

PiYo Results – Does PiYo Work?

PiYo is an acronym for Pilates and Yoga. It is a total body fitness system that is created to get your entire body in shape from head to toe. PiYo workouts combine the Pilates and yoga practices to enable you to achieve PiYo results like lose weight, build strength, increase body flexibility and enjoy doing it as well. PiYo workout program was founded by Chalene Johnson and was mainly created for people who want the bodies and minds to benefits from Pilates and yoga workout without a lot of sweat being disposed of and a colossal use of energy. The entire program takes 60 days of between 25 to 45 minutes daily combination of various low impact moves. This form of workout does not involve any weight lifting, jarring and jumping instead it is more of body flexibility moves. Thus, it is most suitable for people:

  • Looking to lose weight.
  • Who are new to fitness and seeking an entry-level into fitness.
  • Want to focus on fast body fat loss without going to extremes.
  • Who want to avoid high-impact workouts
  • Who are into fitness already but are seeking for supplement workout programs.

Once a person takes any kind of workout program, there are various physical and health benefits he or she will have to enjoy. Below are some results a person will enjoy.


piyo results

The Results

1. Increased body strength This is one of the most important things to consider. The PiYo workouts is a total body strengthening process with poses like squats, lunges, side plank, core work, and plank. These poses are key elements that engage both the small and large muscles of the body. Through working in and out of these many poses, through your own body’s resistance, you build body strength. Once in a while, hand light weights are used in order to increase the amount of strength building. In such a class, the muscles are worked out for sculpture and toning but not as bulky as the heavy weight training.

2. weight loss Unlike solo yoga and Pilate classes, piyo gets better results because the exercises are better as they are aerobic. PiYo workout programs link together various, constantly flowing exercises that increase your heart rate, make you sweat and burn calories making you lose weight. The PiYo classes are high energy but low-impact, with poses and moves taken from old school Pilates, yoga and dance combined together in a better way to add more aerobics and fun into the program. These moves include but not limited to stepping in and out lunges, flowing in and out of warrior poses and flowing through of traditional sun salutations.

3. various interesting workout components in keeping the person interested into the continuous workout which is good for your health. PiYo is not the same as many other Pilates and yoga combinations out there. As much as it blends together these body and mind exercises, it also brings in other components like martial arts, kick-booty workouts as well as dance for more intensity. In addition to all these, PiYo also boasts of using upbeat, mainstream music as opposed to the traditional Zen Yoga music. This helps keep the participants interested, excited and in the zone throughout the workout session.

4. Body Flexibility According to PiYo teachers, in addition to strength, another benefit is body flexibility. These classes do not only build muscle and help increase cardiac health, but the poses and moves help in adding muscle flexibility. The poses and moves during the dance all borrowed from yoga and Pilates help make your body parts more flexible. One can twist their waist, legs, arms, bend backward without feeling any discomfort, pain or breaking a bone. Flexibility is necessary to avoid muscle, tendon or bone injury in any part of the body.

5. Overall body wellness The PiYo moves and poses help in increasing range of motion in your body joints, improve the energy levels, reduce stress, and improve your body balance thus leaving you with a total mind and body blissful workout. Apart from that, the workout and stretching of body parts enables better flow of blood and hence a relaxation feeling. This helps me to keep illnesses at bay. A relaxed body means that you will sleep well and feed well. All these are key contributors to the overall well-being of any person.

piyo workout results


1. Affordable- In instances where you want to train yourself, all you need is buy a DVD or CD from the store that has PiYo 60 day workout programs, yoga mat, water bottle and face towel and you are set. No need to buy heavyweight equipment like another form of body weight training

2. Can train in the comfort of your house– With PiYo, there is no need to go to the gym as most poses and moves do not need a large space. Your house is enough.

3. Not time-consuming- Most PiYo classes last not more than 45 minutes. So if you work with a tight schedule, you still can manage to do your PiYo workouts and rush to work.

4. Not gender oriented- this means both men and women can engage in these workouts. In addition, you can do as a family or a couple which is more fun and fulfilling

In Conclusion

Read my full piyo review here. PiYo workouts are way better than solo Pilates or Yoga workouts. These workouts are of shorter periods and low impact. This means that people who are not so strong to do weight training can indulge in PiYo training program and feel better. Results from Piyo are more or less like any other kind of work out results and especially for those seeking to lose weight. The only difference is that PiYo is more fun and combines a variety of tactics. Who doesn’t want some fun workout program? It is important that all people see the benefits and embrace it. It is a fun way of maintaining a fit body weight and helping with flexibility. PiYo is a 60-day program with a lot more health benefits. Spare less than 45 minutes of your time and keep body fat away.

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PiYo Diet Plan – Does it Work?

PiYo Diet Plan – Does it Work?

The PiYo diet, also known as the (PiYo) GET LEAN EATING PLAN, is in other words what you would term as a healthy diet. This diet is aimed at making healthy eating easy and intuitive. PiYo diet is not just an ordinary weight loss diet, it is way much better than that. As a matter of fact, adhering to this 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% healthy fat, whole foods PiYo diet is the lead to than jaw-dropping results or not-so-great results. The results entirely depend on you.

piyo diet plan

Eating right is necessary. This is because food fuels you to be able to work out. PiYo diet seeks to combine all foods that are needed by your body in the right and healthy amounts. PiYo diet is balanced enough to ensure that you do not add unnecessary fat and weight but you still have enough energy to do PiYo workouts or any other workouts.

PiYo diet breaks food into 5 groups and their respective proper serving:

  1. Primary vegetables- mainly offer nutrients. 1 serving= 45 calories
  2. Secondary vegetables/grains– offers fiber to keep you full longer and more energized. On a PiYo diet, 2 servings are recommended. 1 serving = 70 calories
  3. Fruits– they are rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. 1 serving= 70 calories.
  4. Protein– The only building block and muscle sustainer. 1 serving =140 calories.
  5. Healthy fats– Provides a slow-digesting source of energy enabling you to stay full for long and contributes
    to your overall well-being. 1 serving = 140 calories.
  6. Free foods– PiYo diet has a 6th food category. These are known to be only advantageous to your body and you can
    take as much as you want.

The plan tells you the no of servings per group you need to take per day depending
on your weight and target goals. It can’t get easier than this, right? Well, the diet plan is elaborated further


Every person dreams of a perfect beach body. However, you cannot get into that perfect shape unless without a bit of work. You need to burn major calories and build lean muscles.
In order to achieve all these, there are steps that need to be followed.


For any diet plan to be successful, you must be ready to eat less than you are accustomed to. This means eating less than your body requires each day and while ensuring that your calories levels do not go too low to an extent where your body will result into burning muscle tissue for its supply of energy or lower the metabolism rate resulting to constant fatigue. To calculate your calorie level follow the formula below.

Current weight x 11 = caloric baseline

Caloric baseline + 400 = maintenance

Maintenance calories – 600= calorie target


PiYo diet beach body has 4 different plans
that is mainly dependent on your calculated calorie target. The 4 plans are
outlined below with reference to the servings needed per food group.

piyo diet

Plan A- calories (1200-1399)- the lowest number

4 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of grains

2 servings of fresh fruit

24 servings of protein (lean)

3 serving of healthy fats

Plan B- For people with a caloric target of between 1400-1599

5 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fruit

5 servings of protein (lean)

4 servings of healthy fats

Plan C- for people with a calorie target of between 1600-1799

6 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fresh fruit

6 servings of lean protein

4 servings of healthy fats

Plan D- for people with a calorie target of 1800 or more

6 servings of primary vegetables

3 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fresh fruit

7 servings of lean protein

4 servings of healthy fats


At this step,
you finally get to choose what you want to include in your meal plan. Given a list of wholesome diet options. The PiYo diet gives you the
freedom to choose in each of the 6
food groups we discussed above. This ensures fewer chances to rebel from the diet.

In addition,
the food list details the amount of portion each food equals to so no guesswork or calorie counting needs to be undertaken. The portions are measured using measuring spoons and cups with a few amounts
measured in ounces.


The PiYo diet is summed up by you coming up
with a meal plan for the week including your snacks. This allows you to
accurately and wholesomely own the diet plan and not feel like you are forced
into it. Plan your meals in reference to your liking but portion them
accurately according to your goals. The only caution needed s for the people
training more after the PiYo workouts, they need to add their caloric intake so
as to bump up their energy levels.

In Conclusion

PiYo diet can help you go a long way
towards achieving your desired body goals. Strict adherence to the diet means
more likelihood of positive changes as opposed to once in a while adherence.
Weekly meal planning of the PiYo diet helps you to avoid last minute
quick-meal-fix which is mostly not a so healthy meal or not a balanced meal. PiYo
diet meal planning also enables you to check for portioning. PiYo diet is
affordable and you plan according to your finance and food taste preference,
thus no pressure to your stomach or your finances. It also allows for
substitutes as it is not specific to the items, for example, grains you choose from a variety.

Learn your body and listen to it. Do not starve yourself. If you feel weak check your sugar levels or intake of food. Do not dismiss the snacks, they help avert cravings and
ensure you do not take large food portions at once. For more enjoyment and
challenge feel, do it with a partner or the family as a whole. This will help you stay focused together with PiYo workouts. PiYo diet is important in ensuring you rock
that bikini body. Read my full piyo reviews by clicking on the link.

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PiYo Schedule – What to Expect from PiYo

What Is The PiYo Schedule?

piyo schedule

If you’re into fitness, you’ve no doubt heard about PiYo. This is an intensive workout that combines Pilates and Yoga for the ultimate in weight loss results.

Not only is PiYo going to help you to lose weight, but the schedule also helps you to gain strength, be more flexible as well as burn calories. The schedule requires you to do a workout each day, except during your rest days. The entire program is a 60-day regimen, and it’s ideal for those who don’t like high-impact workouts.

What Is PiYo Like?

The PiYo schedule does not include weight lifting and extreme exercises. Each workout in the PiYo lineup is done for one day, and then the following day, you move on to a different workout.

Be sure to bring some water a towel to your workout because you’re going to do some serious sweating! You’ll also need a yoga mat and some comfortable clothing. Once you have everything you need, be prepared for a workout that you’re seriously going to feel the next morning.

What is the Purpose of PiYo?

This is more so a regimen focused on weight-loss rather than building muscles. The schedule takes just about 45 minutes to an hour to finish, but it’s going to go by faster than you think.

PiYo increases flexibility and strength through its various workout formats, including PiYo Base and PiYo Strength. Start at a level that is right for you and then work your way up from there. Everything gets organized through your Schedule.

Is it Hard?

We’re going to be upfront here. The schedule is seriously going to challenge you in many ways. But you’re just going to love the results. You can begin at any level that you choose. If you’re already an advanced yoga practitioner, then you’re still going to love the way that PiYo challenges you.

And beginners find that they can start at their own pace and see dramatic results. To begin, you start with the Fundamentals. This is where you really learn about what PiYo is. After your daily workout, there is a handy cool down and stretching session to loosen your body up after all that intensity. Each month, there are 28 days of PiYo, and that means only a few rest days!

What If I’ve Never Done Pilates or Yoga Before?

PiYo is welcoming, even to those who have never done pilates or yoga before.

That’s because the program starts you off slow, so that you can learn the basics and progress as you go along.

PiYo Breakdown

piyo workout schedule

There are nine different routines included in the PiYo-schedule and 2 different strength workouts. Each has a different duration, so it keeps your workouts varied each day.

There’s nothing better for whipping your body into shape than keeping your workouts as varied as possible. When you’re doing the same thing, each and every day, your body adapts and it doesn’t reap the benefits of what you’re doing.

PiYo Base

Here you will focus on your flexibility. You undertake basic exercises that are easy to execute and not too difficult on the body. This is where you really get an introduction to PiYo.

Align: The Fundamentals – This is a 40 minute workout that kickstarts the whole program. The focus here is on proper posture and form. Learn about all the moves that you’ll be doing throughout your PiYo journey, and introduce your body to the remarkable changes that lie in store. After finishing this, you’ll have a working understanding of PiYo.

Define: Lower Body – This workout is only 20 minutes long, but it helps you to have toned, lean legs. By focusing on strengthening the lower body, you give a full workout to your glutes, hamstrings, and thighs.

Define: Upper Body – Here we have another 20 minute workout that focuses on your arms, with also some core work thrown in. This is perfect for sculpting your shoulders. There are three different sections in this workout: Core & More, Strength Series, and Body Fusion.

Sweat: This 35 minute session focuses on the entire body, and it really helps you to burn those calories and lose that weight. Be prepared to sweat during this one.

Core: Again, this 30 minute workout will help you to strengthen your core. There are different sections to choose from, which help you to build even more flexibility and strength.

Strength Intervals: Here is a 25 minute workout that alternates between cardio and strength training. Enjoy the body weight-resistance workouts and cardio which are going to keep your heart rate up and your blood pumping. This is one of the most intense workouts in the PiYo-schedule.

Drench: This is a more lengthy workout, running 45 minutes long. Focus on flexibility, balance, and muscle endurance all at the same time. It would be helpful to have a mat in handy during this workout, but it’s not necessary. No matter how you do it, you’re going to find that your metabolism is going to be on overdrive afterwards.

Buns: Get those buns working in just 25 minutes with this workout. Work to lift and define your behind, and attain that perfectly shaped buttock that so many women pray for.

Sculpt: This 30 minute workout focuses on muscle endurance. Working your muscles at sustained intervals will add to overall strength.

PiYo Strength

PiYo Strength is a portion of the schedule which focuses on building even more muscle and burning fat. Let’s take a look at the exercises.

Full Body Blast: This 30 minute exercise is a total body workout that is pushing fat burning to the max.

Strong Legs: Here’s another 30 minute exercise that is going to help you to attain the beach body of your dreams. Enjoy stretches, squats, and lunges, and get a workout that addresses your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes.

To read my full Piyo review, click on the link. As you can see, the PiYo schedule isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you really commit to it, you can see some dramatic results. Within 60 days, you’re going to find that your body is utterly transformed, and you’re going to enjoy how all that hard work has truly paid off. When you’re ready to see real results, not just in fat loss, but also increased flexibility and strength, then PiYo is seriously going to be the right choice for you.

  • March 10, 2018
  • Blog
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