13 Amazing Medicinal Uses of Amla


Whenever you talk about herbal and natural medicines, you can never fail to mention amla. Since the old golden days, it has been used across the world to cure and prevent a whole bunch of health conditions. This fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry, has many properties including being a rich source of vitamin C. All these elements collectively contribute to its popularity. For this reason, It is heavily used to manufacture many high-quality medicines. This piece outlines some of the many health benefits it brings to the table.

It inhibits the occurrence of heart disease

Heart disease is life-threatening and should be prevented by all means possible. One of the major causes of this dreaded condition is build up of bad cholesterol. Amla puts up a fight by preventing this. Besides, it reduces clogging in the arteries and also prevents thickening of the walls of the blood vessels. All these together ensure a healthy heart with a lowered possibility of heart attack and other heart illnesses.

It ensures the health of the urinary system

Toxins can bring about conditions of all kind if not flushed out of the system. Urination assists the body to get rid of these toxic substances. Our miracle fruit promotes urination without causing over-stimulation. It does so by promoting the frequency and volume of urination; you pass more urine and at quicker intervals. In fact, in some cases, it has been used to treat uremia, which is a condition of the urinary system.

Increases the rate of metabolism

If you are struggling with weight problems, worry no more as amla is here to save the day. Just like Garcinia Cambogia, you can use this fruit as a supplement to achieve better results in your quest to shed off some pounds. It boosts the burning of calories by promoting the absorption of lean proteins. If you combine this fruit with a good diet plan and exercising, you got yourself a highly effective recipe for weight loss.

Boosts general immunity

Most diseases are usually brought about by free radicals. Free radicals are basically thief-cells. They steal certain components of other cells to complete themselves, thus leaving them and your body as a whole exposed to various causes of illnesses, such as bacteria. Once you have made the consumption of amla a norm, you will have beaten many diseases and will see the doctors less often.

It inhibits the occurrence of cancer

Indian gooseberry has superoxide dismutase that beats cancer-causing agents and chemicals. If your family has a history of genetical cancer, consider consuming amla and also giving it to your kids right from a young age. It will work miracles.

amla powder

Used to cure a sore throat

If you have sore throat problems, you do not have to worry as amla beats it. The most recommended recipe to heal this condition involves mixing amla oil with a tablespoon of natural honey and dipping some chipped ginger pieces in it. Such preparation will always keep your throat in check and even go a step further to cure coughs.

It prevents ulcers

Ulcers of the stomach are caused by stomach acids and facilitated by day to day state of mind such as stress. Well, at least amla can take care of the acid for you. It has alkaline and antibacterial properties that balance the pH level of your stomach, thereby suppressing the chances of catching ulcers. Besides, mouth ulcers which are equally dangerous are caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. As said earlier, amla is a major supplier of this type of vitamin.

It ensures good health of the liver

While alcohol cooks up and deteriorates the health of your liver, this amazing fruit does the opposite. As a person who cares about your health, you should ditch alcoholic drinks and start drinking amla juice. You will enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fully functional liver and will for sure live longer.

It purifies the blood and prevents anemia

Antioxidants flush toxins and ensure your blood stays clean. Needless to say, clean blood has its whole bunch of benefits, all leading to the possibility of falling sick less often. This fruit also raises the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin, thus preventing anemia and other blood-related conditions.

It inhibits aging

As years go by and age trickles in, body cells tend to disorient and die rapidly, paving a way to wrinkles and other signs of old age. Amla reduces this by inhibiting the free radicals that damage the cell membranes and enzymes that promote the build-up of cells. This actively fights the aging process and makes you look unbelievably younger.

Assists in digestion

Through flushing out toxins and being alkaline in nature, this magical fruit balances and facilitates digestion. It is also rich in fiber and roughages thus prevents constipation. Good digestion has its associated health benefits and ensures adequate growth in both adults and children.

It strengthens and maintains hair

Calcium is one of the most useful elements of the body. It is needed for almost every aspect of growth and strength. Amla, being rich in this nutrient advocates for healthier hair, maintains its color and prevents loss of the same.

Improves eyesight

Common eye problems can be prevented or cured by consuming this incredible fruit. You do not have to wear spectacles. You can beat eye problems by making consumption of amla a habit. It can be the answer to watery eyes and itchy eyes.

Amla, despite its bitter taste, is surely a milestone in the industry of medicine. There are many more benefits that come along with using it; this website just highlights the major ones. Specialists advise that it is better to consume the fruit while in its natural and uncompromised state. However, if it is not readily available to you, its products are equally effective. Therefore, you have no reason not to take advantage of this gift from mother nature to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you can save a lot of money by preventing illnesses that would otherwise call for hospital bills if allowed to get the better of you.

  • October 30, 2017
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