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The P90X3 Schedule Breakdown


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This is one of the latest and one of the most popular fat-burning work out program that was created by Tony Horton. The P90X3 workout schedule brings together a variety of fitness regiments of the other previous programs in that takes half of the time. This is to say: the workout takes 30 minutes unlike the rest take 60 minutes.

Are you in search of that dream beach body? Well, P90x3 is an option. This schedule is arranged into training blocks. These training blocks are fashioned to test and improve the functioning of your body with a technique known as ‘muscle confusion’. Simply explained, muscle confusion is working your muscle in different ways using a range of routines and workouts. The aim of muscle confusion is to ensure that you do not reach the climax in your training where muscle growth stagnates. This muscle confusion promotes fast results throughout the workout. This ensures a maximum fat loss, muscular growth, and body conditioning.

The P90x3 workout schedule is split into 4 blocks. 1 week is meant for recovery and three weeks for an intense workout. The week set aside for recovery is not as dormant as it sounds; it’s the week that you avoid the heavy workouts but still do light workouts. This functions to keep the muscles occupied as they recover from the workout of the previous week. It also helps the body prepare for the coming week of intense workouts. This entire workout is scientifically made to build endurance, flexibility, and strength in only 90 days.

One of the advantages of  P90X3 is that it’s very customizable; adherence to it depends on your fitness goals and needs. The descriptions below will help you settle on the method that suits you best.

Classic: This P90X3 program is suitable for starters. Its schedule is set at a specific speed that increases intensity with time allowing you to build endurance and strength. This classic program will take you through cardio, strength, and conditioning.

Doubles: For people that want to lose some weight and are perfectly okay with putting up extra cardio workouts, the doubles schedule is the best. However, people recovering from injuries should avoid the workout. The initial phase of the P90X3 program is just as any normal cardio workout program. The next phase brings in one extra workout thrice a week, and the fourth and final phase adds more complementary workouts 4 days every week.

This is the most rigorous version of the program. It is usually for those doing several rounds or the extreme athlete.

Lean: When it comes to the lean schedule, there are no chances of messing around. As much as each workout is still only half an hour long, it’s dedicated almost entirely to cardio. This means breaking a really serious sweat. This workout divides itself into blocks of 3 with each taking four to five weeks each. It needs you to be completely dedicated to the program if you want to see results and finish the program.

This program is suitable for anyone who is scared about the trying out the classic plan. The lean program will enable you to lose fat. This is because it focuses more on putting you into the cardio ‘fat burning’ zone that promotes weight loss. For the P90X3 lean program, you are not required to take part in the plyometrics or the legs and back workouts.

Mass: This is for exercise gurus who have already established a strong baseline of fitness or have reached their target goal weight. It is designed to pack on a couple of muscle in a way that is similar to or more than the normal weight training. Alternatively, you can opt for a “doubles” option that functions to increase your workout time to an hour a day.

Below is a sample of the phase 1 workouts.

        Phase 1

     First, Second and Third week

  • Day one- You do total synergies workouts for classic, doubles, mass, and Accelerators for leans schedule.
  • Day two- classic and mass you do Agility X workouts and Agility X Dynamix. 
  • Day three- X3 yoga workouts for all the phases.
  • Day four- the challenge workouts for classic, double and mass phases
  • Day five- CVX for classic and double, isometric for lean and Pilates x for the mass phase
  • Day six- warrior workouts for classic and doubles, agility x for lean, and incinerator for the mass phase.
  • Day seven- Dynamix workouts for all phases.

          Week Four

  • Day one- Isometrix workout for all lean, classic, doubles and mass.
  • Day two- Dynamix workouts for classic, mass, lean and doubles.
  • Day three- Accelerator workouts for classic, doubles and lean and the warrior workout for mass.
  • Day four- Pilates X workouts for mass, lean, double and classic.
  • Day five- CVX workout for classic, lean, and agility X workouts for mass and doubles.
  • Day six- X3 yoga workouts for mass, lean, double and classic.
  • Day seven- Dynamix workouts for double, lean, classic and mass.

Below is a complete picture of the entire schedule:

Week 1Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 2 Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 3Total SynergisticsAgility XX3 YogaThe ChallengeCVXThe WarriorDynamix
Week 4IsometrixDynamicsAcceleratorPilates XCVXX3 YogaDynamix
WeekMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Week 5Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 6Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 7Eccentric UpperTriometricsX3 YogaEccentric LowerIncineratorMMXDynamics
Week 8IsometricxDynamicsAcceleratorPilates XCVXX3 YogaDynamics
Week 9DeceleratorAgility XThe ChallengeX3 YogaTriometricsTotal SynergisticsDynamics
Week 10DeceleratorMMXEccentric UpperTriometricsPilates XEccentric LowerDynamics
Week 11DeceleratorAgility XThe ChallengeX3 YogaTriometricsTotal SynergisticsDynamics
Week 12DeceleratorMMXEccentric UpperTriometricsPilates XEccentric LowerDynamics
Week 13IsometricsAcceleratorPilates XX3 YogaDynamicsDynamicsDynamics


Whether you want to lose that extra fat, get ripped or you want to outperform everyone else on the; track, court or field, there is a workout suitable for you. The options discussed in this article that are offered by the P90X3 routine are all you need. You can make a huge difference in building new muscles and burning all excess fat, in just 30 minutes a day. By utilizing few or no gym equipment at all, you can get your dream body. With this workout, there are no giving excuses. Remember to eat healthy and whole foods, improve your cardiovascular health with cardio workouts and you will build a better version of you.

P90X3 has 4 methods of workout allowing you to have a selection of what you want to do. This also gives you an opportunity to tailor-make your workout programme. Tailor-making anything makes you feel a sense of control and eases the workout process for you.

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P90X vs. P90X3 – Which Workout is Better?

P90X vs. P90X3 

Many questions have come up concerning P90X vs. P90X3, with the recent release of the P90X3 program. Their differences, similarities, which is healthier and which meal plans should they be accompanied with are a number of the queries individuals are having. In this article, the main points of every program are mentioned to assist you to get a much better idea of the two programs and which one would fit your needs.

Let us discuss the P90X program first then later expound on the P90X3.


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P90X is a home-based exercising program that is well-balanced in terms of workouts. Its aim is to assist individuals to get into their best body form. P90X program primarily offers some resistance workouts, yoga, and intense sweat causing cardio workouts and stretching workouts to crown it all.

There are three exercise plans that you simply will follow with the P90X program. They are:

  • Lean- The lean program is almost the same as the classic, with a bit more emphasis on losing fat and getting to eliminate that additional weight. This program incorporates a ton of cardio in it.
  • Classic- Classic incorporates all aspects of fitness workout routines. This implies that you are simply going to doing a little bit of all workouts, together with cardio, bodybuilding, and yoga. You’ll participate in weight exercises like pushups, dips, and pull-ups. Additionally, you will do some quality resistance moves that make use of weights to assist you tone and build muscles with the use of bands and dumbbells.
  • Doubles- Doubles physical exercise is almost the same as the classic routine with further sixteen minutes ab workouts. This in total averages to seventy-five minutes of workout time. On top of all that, there’s an additional cardio exercise session added in at the very end of the exercise for three days in each week. A yoga-X workout lasts ninety minutes.

If you’re the sort of person who has a busy schedule and little time to work out, then the P90X exercise program may not be the most effective selection for you. Every workout is close to an hour long. As long as you adhere to the workouts and diet set up you’ll get the expected results.

In addition, the program needs you to possess some working out tools. That’s to say there’ll be some additional cost for purchase of these tools. On top of that, if you travel a great deal, it will be troublesome to carry the tools with you. Look to cut down on cost by buying from low-cost sellers on-line.

The only drawback to the P90X program is that towards the end of the program, cardio workouts are very easy. Once you have worked out a month or two, the cardio workouts would appear to be terribly simple at this point. Once this happens, it’s best that you simply try adding extra time to the exercise, or carry some dumbbells while you’re doing the workout moves. This may increase body resistance resulting in muscle growth.


synergistic exercises

If you’re interested in reading our P90X3 review click the link.

P90X3 is varied largely from P90X and P90X2. P90X was such a great success because it bore results pretty fast, and that’s precisely what you get with P90X3. P90X3 is all about using the shortest time possible to perform the best workout. Every one of the workouts takes only a half-hour long. The P90X3 workout schedule is structured in a way that’s backed up scientifically. There are loads of studies recently, done in order to measure the advantages of shorter workouts. The findings indicate that the majority of people taking part in workouts enjoy outcomes from the first thirty minutes!

P90X3 additionally incorporates some latest varieties of working out, such as:

  • Pilates
  • Isometrics
  • And even some MMA style workouts

Simply put, P90X3 took the most effective from both P90X and P90X2 and combined it into one exercise program with few additional workouts. You’ll be able to modify any of the moves in P90X3, just like you could in the previous two programs. P90X3 is basically about doing what works work for you, and so you are doing it.


Both programs assist you to accomplish pretty much the same things. Thus in terms of the outcome of the process, they are similar. The most conspicuous result of incorporating them into your workout schedule is that they get you into the perfect body shape and fitness after a while.

The P90X3 workout program is best for beginners or people who are new in the workout world. The workouts are not as intense and lengthy as those in the P90X program. However, if you are impatient and desire quick and visible results, then you should opt for the P90X program.

Any exercise after beyond the first 30-minutes time span is going to be more of a top up to the main exercise. Therefore, the P90X3 program can be argued to be more efficient and time-saving for those taking part in it.


P90X vs. P90X3 programs are similar in terms of workouts done. The sole distinction is that P90X3 covers a shorter time (30 minutes) as compared to P90x which takes roughly one hour. Finally, the choice of which program to undertake entirely lies up to you. If you an unsure of which program to adopt, try both on alternate days. Listen to your body and stick with the one that does create the greatest fulfillment without much strain. Also, consider the program that favors your normal daily routine like work. Additionally, in terms of your finances, consider the one that needs very little or no equipment to assist cut costs. Factor in your end goal; losing body fat, gaining muscle or maintaining.

These programs ought to be taken seriously for results to be seen. The correct diet must accompany the exercise program you choose as well. Note that P90X3 is more accommodating in terms of your time, and it’s also beginner friendly when compared to the P90X workout program. The P90X program can get you great results as much because it is difficult and time-consuming.

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