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21 Day Fix Calendar

21 day fix calendar

21 day fix trainer

A 21-day fix workout calendar is a beach workout routine that is normally done from home for thirty minutes in 21 days. This routine will help you to lose a substantial amount of weight within the 21 days, making your body to look better and more toned.

The program comes with special containers that are coded by colors for carrying and weighing different nutritional meals. Basically, the containers help one to eat a balanced meal while watching calories, they ensure that you eat just the right amount of food, not more or less.

Here is a complete calendar guide for the 21-day fix workout routine. The 21-day fix workout program comes with a detailed meal plan that will be used for the 21-day period.


There is a specific set of exercises that are done during the 21 day fix calendar. The exercises are normally done for 30 minutes every day for 21 days, they are simple and easy to follow especially since they are done from home. They’re are designed to work the whole body leaving your muscles well exercised and your body toned. Starting the 30 minutes workout routine may seem like a lot of work but once you get the hang of it, it will be like a walk in the park.

The workout consists of a number of selected workouts that run throughout the week. Each day has a unique workout routine to follow that works a specific part of your body. This ensures that your whole body is completely worked out, toned out and calories are lost. Some of the workout routines are light so that you can have a little break from the tiring workouts while staying in shape. The light workouts give you a break so that your muscles and joints can relax.

Each day has a different workout fix routine that is unique from the other. The good thing about the exercises is that they only last for 30 minutes. You can pick the best time for you to do this, either in the morning before you go to work or start your day or in the evening after all your day’s activity are done –it is that flexible.

Weekly workouts.

The following are the weekly workout routines as drawn on the 21 day fix calendar. A picture will be added below for illustration.

  • Monday; complete body cardio fix. This involves working your whole body, accelerating your heartbeat and training yourself on strength. This will prepare your body and also prepare you psychologically for the three-week long exercises while giving your body a good tone.
  • Tuesday; Upper body fix. This work out targets your upper body. You will use a lightweight to help you in working out your biceps, triceps and back muscles. Besides strength training, the upper body fix workout burns several calories and strengthens your mid-body.
  • Wednesday; Lower body fix. The lower body fix workout routine basically concentrates on your lower body. This exercise works your butt, thighs, and calf muscles. This is achieved through squats and lunges. Working the lower boy is a good way to lose a lot of calories while gaining strength.
  • Thursday; Pilates fix also known as flat abs. This is a slow workout routine that is basically designed to give you a break from the previous workout routine. You will work out the whole body so that you can keep the energy levels in check.
  • Friday; Cardio fix. This involves working your cardio by increasing your speed as you work out. You don't lift any weights or dumbbells during this workout routine. You will sweat a lot and lose the most calories by doing the cardio fix.
  • Saturday; Dirty 30. You will use dumbbells for this kind of workout. It involves working your cardio and building your strength. You may not lose as many calories as you will lose during the cardio fix but you will be in good shape and well-toned by the end of your 30 minutes.
  • Sunday; Yoga fix. This is your resting exercise. On this day, the schedule is designed for you to rest, however, to stay in shape and fit, yoga is recommended so that you can stretch your body and muscles as well as meditate as you gear towards starting a new week.
21 day fix workout schedule

All these exercises have been carefully considered and selected to give you the best results by the end of your 21-day fix workout routine. You will be in great shape with a perfectly toned body. The above exercises require a lot of discipline. The whole 21-day fix workout routine requires discipline in order to fulfill and achieve your desired look.

Daily meal portions.

The containers come in different sizes and colors. The concept is simple, the containers have been calibrated and you can consume the whole of it and still lose weight. They have been measured to hold just the right amount of food so that you don’t have less or more. The green container that holds vegetables is the biggest while the orange containers that hold salad dressing, coconut and seeds are the smallest.

There is also a list of all the foods that one can eat throughout the 21-day fix workout routine. The foods have been classified into six groups in line with the containers, this includes; vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, salad dressing, coconut and seeds.


The 21-day fix workout routine has received a lot of good reviews from all the clients who have tried it out. It is a very flexible routine that does not inconvenience you. You will not need to go to the gym or have long workout hours, yet you will still achieve your desired result by the end of the three weeks.

However, the 21-day fix workout routine is only designed to lose up to 20 pounds. If you want to lose more weight then you have to repeat the whole exercise all over again. Follow the guidelines, no diet cheat and follow the scheduled exercises and in only three weeks, you will see amazing results with a beautifully toned body.

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