About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog https://www.serresponsavel.com/, I’m glad you’re here!

As you probably know, this is my blog, I’m the owner. My name is Ethan Townsend, and I’m a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, internet marketer, beer drinker, and full time student! I love working out and being active. My favorite style of training is more of a bodybuilding type style, but I like to throw in a little power lifting from time to time. So, as you can imagine, I like the Body Beast program quite a bit.

My Background

Im a twenty four year old college student, who’s currently studying digital marketing and business management. I spent four years in the United States Airborne Infantry, where I really discovered my interest in fitness. During my four years as a United States Airborne Infantryman, I got my airborne qualification, served in the 82nd Airborne, my unit was 2-325 AIR (White Falcons) for anyone who might be interested. I even attempted the green beret qualification course, I had to drop out due to an injury. I learned a lot of things from the military, but discovering my passion for fitness and working out was one of the major things, which I’ll always be thankful for.

Here’s a little transformation of mine:

About me

The picture quality is kind of bad, and I apologize for that. In my before picture, I’m weighing in at roughly 150 pounds, close to the lightest I’ve ever been. And in my after pictures I’m weighing right at 165 in the mornings. This transformation happened over a six year period. So, in six years I was able to gain 15 lbs of lean muscle, roughly 2.5 lbs a year! That’s pretty good in my book. Also worth mentioning, my body fat % is lower in my after photos, therefore I’ve actually put on more than 15 lbs of lean muscle, even though the scale says it’s only been 15.


With this blog, I aim to give you unbiased reviews of Beachbody programs that I’ve actually done. No fluff, no filler, just the facts. I hope you can find something useful here!

That’s just a little about me, if you’d like to know more, send me an email, or leave a comment!