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Updated: September 8th, 2018

In this review, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about the Body Beast program. The good, and the bad.  Exercise is something that is becoming essential these days now that we have changed our eating habits and patterns. We need to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body, and mindset.

This is where the creator of Body Beast, Sagi Kalev, comes in. He’s making it easier for people to exercise at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sold by Beachbody, Body Beast is a 90 day long, at-home fitness program that claims to increase your muscle mass in a relatively short period. The workout was created by Sagi Kalev, a well-known fitness model who has a large following in the world of bodybuilding. He has won several awards for his bodybuilding and proved his training talent with this fitness program.

While you might think that a muscle building program is intended for men, that’s not necessarily the case. This is one program that proves that women can incorporate strength training into their workout without looking like the Hulk. But women and men alike can participate in Body Beast, and the results are impressive in either gender. With this program, women can get lean muscle mass, and increase their strength while keeping a feminine body frame.

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What Is The Body Beast Program?

Intended to build strength and muscle, Body Beast has three different phases. The first phase is the Build Phase, where you get the basics that you need for mass gains and strength. Supersets and Giant sets are introduced.body beast review

Then, there is the Bulk Phase. As you might imagine, this phase starts to bulk you up a little. There are force sets, combo sets, progressive sets, and multi-sets that improve on what you gained in the Build Phase. There is no cardio; this phase is all about enlarging your muscle cells and growing those muscles.

Lastly, the Beast Phase brings back some cardio. You also do some of the workouts from the Build and Bulk phases. For three weeks, you use circuit training, core exercises, and nutrition to get your muscles larger and more defined. By the end of this phase, you should be able to lift much more than at the start of the program.

From reading other Body Beast reviews, we saw some people want massive gains, while others want to have a balance. To account for that, the program has two different calendars. If you only care about adding mass, the Huge Beast program takes care of that. For those who want to limit their fat while adding mass, there is the Lean Beast program. The calendars are not all that different, though the Lean Beast program uses much more cardio than the Huge Beast.

Sagi gets some incredible results thanks to his Dynamic Set Training. This refers to an organized sequence of reps and sets that were designed to keep the muscle under tension for the longest possible period of time. By doing this, you can exhaust your muscles and get more muscle fiber. This type of set training also boosts your testosterone production. And because testosterone is the hormone that you can thank for developing more muscle mass, more testosterone is a good thing for speedy muscle growth. It can help you gain muscles at a faster rate than you would with another training method. You can forget about taking testosterone boosters. Sagi gives you a way to naturally boost your testosterone.

This is all very different from the traditional strength building method. Gone are the days when you would sit in front of a weight bench and lift the same weight, for the same amount of time, for the same routine. There was a lot of monotony in the traditional lifting workouts. It made weightlifting seem unappealing to a lot of people, and it also made it hard to get results. You can do as many chest presses as you want, but if you are doing them the same way every time, your body adapts to it. Those chest presses become less challenging, and your strength building starts to plateau. You no longer build muscle; you maintain it. And even if you can manage to slowly build muscle, it takes so much time. Why spend more time to get less results, when you could get in an insanely effective strength workout in under an hour?

This new method of training is taking over, as you’ll find out in this Review. People are starting to realize that you have to change up your routine if you want it to work. And that is where Sagi’s workout comes into play. His dynamic set training is the cutting edge technology of the weightlifting world.

If the whole process sounds confusing, it’s not. You do not need a degree in Sports Science to understand how dynamic set training works. Instead of doing the traditional three sets of eight repetitions, you do change things up a bit. You could do something called a progressive set, which we’ll read more about later on in this Body Beast review. As the weight you lift goes up, your reps go down. So let us say you would normally do three eight bicep curls with 20 pounds, then repeat it for three sets. With a progressive set, you would do 15 reps at 15 pounds, 12 reps with 20 pounds, and eight reps with 25 pounds. Then, you would rest and do the whole thing backwards. Check out our P90X3 vs Body beast program review if you want more insight.

sagi kalevBody Beast Founder

Sagi Kalev is the founder of Body Beast. He is a trainer who specializes in meeting even the loftiest of weightlifting goals. In my opinion, Sagi is the best person to have created this program, as I’ll explain. Having been in the strength training industry for years, his experience both as a bodybuilder and as a trainer made him a prime candidate for creating a program designed to give participants gains in muscle mass.

Sagi has won “Mr. Israel,” a bodybuilding competition is his home country, twice. He is modeled on the covers of various fitness magazines, some of which include Men’s Workout, Iron Man, and Muscle and Fitness. As a fitness model, he’s had to work very hard to get where he is today. During his journey, he comes across some tips and tricks that can help others to gain muscle at a rapid rate.

As a child, Sagi was a victim of bullying. Scrawny in stature, he could not defend himself. But he found bodybuilding, and that led him down the path that made him into who he is today. When he was only 17, he was in his first bodybuilding competition. After that, he joined the Israeli military. And although the experience was difficult, he learned the importance of helping other people.

And that’s part of the reason that Sagi created Body Beast. He saw it as a way to help other people to be the best that they could be; to reach all of their fitness goals. Instead of saving his advice for his private clients, he offers it to the world via DVD.

Sagi is not just any typical trainer. He’s a fitness trainer who works with professional bodybuilders. He trains celebrities and professional actors. The people who hire him expect results, and they need them quickly.

Sagi is also known for his other acclaimed program, “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel.” Created to sculpt bodies into prime physique, the program includes a variety of resistance training programs to craft your body into a masterpiece. It utilizes strength, stabilization, and power training. The main difference between Body Beast and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is that Body Beast is more about total gains, while The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is more about total fitness.

The Body Beast Diet Plan

It doesn’t matter what fitness goals you have. It is impossible to meet those goals if you do not have the proper nutrition. And the same goes for making gains. You can not make the gains that you want if you’re not fueling your body with the right food. It’s not about eating as much as you can, or chugging one protein shake after another until you reach your desired weight. There are a right and a wrong way to gain weight. If you choose the wrong way, you’ll put the work in, but you will get half the results. It’s like taking two steps forward, only to take one back. Eating properly can optimize your results and give you the energy that you need to make it through your workouts every day.

This program offers a way to give you the right fuel that you need to perform. You do need extra calories if you want to build muscle. In that respect, bulking up is easier than losing weight. However, it’s easy to overdo it and overeat. You need to strike a balance between bulking up and chiseling. To prevent you from overeating, the program’s nutrition guide explains how to eat. There’s a plan titled “How To Eat Like a Beast.”

It’s not a diet, as much as a guide for how you should handle bulking up. The guide gives you a calorie calculator so you can determine how much you should be eating every day. It also includes portion charts, lists of good food, and recommended supplements.

What sort of food can you eat on this diet plan? It’s all the typical things you might expect on a bulking diet. For breakfast, you might have whole wheat English muffins with egg, goat cheese, and tomato. You could wash it down with a Shakeology. Next, you might drink a shake of Greek yogurt with peanut butter, banana, blueberries, pineapple juice, and any other fruit you desire. Lunch could be a tuna salad sandwich with garbanzo beans on the side, along with an apple. Dinner could be turkey meatloaf loaded with power ingredients (the meal plan comes with some great recipes), boiled red potatoes, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. For the snack, you might have turkey, avocado, and goat cheese on a wrap. While you don’t need to stick to that meal plan exactly, those are the sort of things that you can expect to eat while you’re on the Body Beast diet.

If none of that sounded appetizing to you, there are tons of other options. The diet teaches you what foods are optimal for bulking up, and what foods you should avoid. It comes with some recipes that you can try, making it easy to find meals that you love. Overall, the diet is easy to follow. And most importantly, it’s very manageable. It doesn’t involve hours of meal prep, and it’s not so difficult to follow that you’re severely limited. You can still eat out at restaurants. All you have to do is make sure to follow the diet’s guidelines.

One of the best parts about the plan is that it changes with your workouts. You wouldn’t want to put on too much bulk when you’re trying to improve muscle definition, and you wouldn’t want to limit your calories too much when you’re focusing on building muscle. This guide considers where you are in your workout program, and adjusts your plan accordingly. In the Beast Phase, your calorie requirements are lowered because you are doing more chiseling, and high-calorie intake would ruin the cardio that you do to chisel. Your diet shouldn’t stay the same when you’re building muscle, and this guide is fully prepared for that. Best of all, you don’t have any guess-work to do, and there’s no chance of screwing up the diet.

There are many supplements offered by the diet plan, but for the sake of giving you the facts, you DON’T need supplements to get great results. And while supplements aren’t the only thing that can get you results, taking the right supplements can certainly help you get them. Here are a few of the supplements that the program recommends:

Beachbody Fuel Shot: This pre-workout supplement is supposed to improve your energy and your body’s ability to recover from tough workouts. They tell you to drink it before, during, and after your workout to optimize the effects of your workout.

Hardcore Baseshake: Designed to speed up muscle growth, this shake is supposed to max out your new muscle growth while limiting the breakdown of muscles.

Max Creatine: This creatine supplement may give you more strength, as well as build muscle.

Super Suma: The company claims that this product can improve your gains in size and strength. It’s expected to boost your testosterone to help you build mass.

Although the list of supplements is useful, it’s important to remember that it’s not required. And Beachbody produced the program and made all of the supplements it recommends, so there is a bit of self-promotion going on. Like any supplement, you should do your research before you take it. Don’t feel pressured to try a Beachbody brand supplement when you already have a preferred one. That said, if you don’t take any supplements, you should consider trying some to maximize your gains.

body beast diet plan

Time to Put on Some Mass!

The Pros

This program is excellent for people who want to improve their muscle mass. While other programs focus on cardio or full-body workouts, this program has one purpose. And it suits that purpose well. All of the moves are designed to help you gain muscles mass.

Another nice feature of Body Beast is the simplicity of the moves. It uses traditional weight lifting exercises, and not some crazy new exercises that involve dancing while you swing weights over your head. It’s basic and beautiful, and that’s something valuable to people who have spent their whole lives at the weight rack in the gym. You don’t need to learn any special skills or techniques. You can go.

And, of course, you won’t know all of the exercises. But even the more complicated ones are modifications of basic lifting moves. They are all thoroughly explained so that you can perform the exercises the way that you are supposed to. Again, it’s simple, just like lifting should be.

The two program options make this program a winner for any number of people. Some so many people want to gain muscle, but don’t want to look like body builders. They want mass, but they also want to stay lean. This workout regiment recognizes that and caters to those who want massive gains OR lean mass. It’s for men or women, and body builders or people who want to be stronger.

With the Dynamic Set Progression, these workouts are ultra-effective. It’s amazing to be able to spend 40 minutes working out a day, but get results better than those who spend hours and gym every day. For big gains but a short workout, this program is hard to beat. You don’t need to sit in the gym and wonder why two hours a day isn’t getting you that gains you want or need. All it takes is 40 minutes. And in a day and age where time seems to be in short supply, this feature is a major selling point.

The nutrition plan is a major asset of this program. It’s tuned into the exercise program itself. So you can tone up your muscles with less calorie intake when you need to tone, and you can bulk up with more calories when you need to bulk. Everything is laid out in front of you, so you won’t be tempted to overeat. Well, you may be tempted, but you’ll know when you are overeating. Having such a detailed diet plan can make your workouts a huge success. There are some great recipes to help you cope with diet limitations, and you can find a wealth of resources online to help you stick to the diet’s guidelines. Without such an effective and easy-to-follow diet, getting such large results in a short amount of time would be almost impossible. They walk you through the diet and exercise process step-by-step, so you can’t take a wrong move that would reduce your gains.

As a Beachbody program, Body Beast also comes with built-in support. There’s support team online ready to answer your questions and to provide you with advice. Even if you don’t need them, it’s nice knowing that you have access to a capable support network. This isn’t something that every fitness program offers.

The Cons

Body Beast may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. There are a few drawbacks to the program, though it’s not enough to make the program a bad choice for people looking to make gains.

You do need more equipment for this program than you do for some of the more cardio-focused ones. The required equipment are dumbbells and an adjustable bench or a stability ball. You also may want a curl bar and a pull-up bar. However, if you plan on doing strength workout from home, this is all basic equipment that you should have. It’s not asking much, so the equipment needs is only a minor setback. If it was a deal breaker, you could always choose to do the routine at your local gym.

Getting muscle gains is a process that takes years. Although you can get some gains in a short amount of time, getting the massive gains that the program talks about is almost impossible in three months. However, that doesn’t make the program ineffective. It merely means that the gains might not be as impressive as you want. That takes years of work and dedication, and there’s no shortcut for that.

One of the drawbacks of this program is the very same reason that some people may find Body Beast appealing. It only improves your strength. That’s it. While you do some cardio to gain definition (and that’s mainly on the Lean Beast program), you won’t improve your cardio. This is for people looking to bulk up, and that may not appeal to everyone. If you’re looking to get stronger while you lose weight or accomplish any other fitness goals, there are many other fitness programs out there that can help you do just that. If you’re looking to get ripped in a few months, then consider this program.

This is no easy workout. If you were thinking that building muscle would be painless, then you might be in for a rude awakening. No strength building routine will leave you pain-free. Being sore is a part of strength building, and some of these workouts will leave you sore to the touch. That soreness doesn’t go away, as you continue to improve upon your strength. But, that soreness does mean that the program is working. Nonetheless, those who have never had a tough workout in their lives may have a hard time coping with the next-day consequences of leg day.

Get Massive Gains Quickly

OK, so the term “massive” is debatable. But Body Beast does deliver on its promise to build your strength and increase your muscle mass. It features a unique workout program that is perfectly suited for people who want gains. The diet and the workout can get you looking ripped; it chisels your body.

While reading other Body Beast reviews, we found that there aren’t many strength-based programs on the market. Especially ones that are designed to have such drastic effects on your muscles. Most of them focus on toning you up or giving you minor gains. This is one of the only ones to promise and deliver, on big results.

Body Beast is also fun. And while you might not want a “fun” workout for fear of it being ineffective, it’s not any less effective. It makes lifting weights into something that you can enjoy. While people might cringe at the thought of lifting a weight up and down, over and over again, the format of these workouts breaks things up. There’s no way to be bored when things are constantly changing. Sagi has made weightlifting dynamic, and that may be enough to convert you to exercising regularly.

Will this program leave you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Probably not. That type of muscle mass doesn’t come in a 90-day program. Can it get you started on a path to looking like him (in his prime, of course)? Absolutely. If you’re testing the waters of bodybuilding or want to see how strong you can get, Body Beast is a smart choice.

Body Beast Workouts

The body beast schedule is an intense and fulfilling workout plan. to find out more about it click on the link to see the full breakdown.

The Package

When you purchase Body Beast, you get all of the DVDs required for the 90-day strength building program that Sagi created. You also get the 3-phase eating plan, supplement instructions, training calendar (they tell you what workouts to do on what days), and online support. There’s also a free app that allows you to take the program with you. If you want to workout at the gym, you can work with the app. Going on vacation? You’ll have everything you need with the Body Beast app. If you enjoyed this body beast review, please do leave a comment, or share with your friends!