P90X3 Review

Updated: September 7th, 2018


This review article describes the p90x3 program as the 3rd series of the original P90X
home workout system that revolutionized the fitness industry in the mid-2000s. If you want to know the difference between these two programs check out our P90X vs P90X3 article.

This form of workout was developed by Beach body and fitness expert Tony Horton. It consists of high-intensity exercise something even middle-aged soccer moms do on a regular basis.

The P90X3 Workout and Diet Plan is a program created for individuals that don’t want to spend an hour or more working out in the gym daily. Most people are busy, have a job, family, and other commitments.

According to this review, the program involves 30 minutes of intense workouts that are designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. It is made for people who are 18 years and above.
P90X3 workout program helps men and women tone and lose body fat. This is as a
result of following the diet plan and workout routine. It is described as a
whole workout in half the time that can be done at home.

Are You Ready to Get In Shape?

What’s included in the P90X3 Workout Program?

The Base Kit has 16 DVD’s which have extreme Workout, a Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and Pro-Grade
Resistance Band. The Deluxe Kit has 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s, Fitness Guide, Nutrition
Guide, Pro-Grade Resistance Band, 3 Additional Extreme Workouts, Energy and
Endurance Guide, and 2 additional resistance bands.

The Ultimate Kit has the 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s, Fitness Guide, Nutrition
Guide, Pro-Grade Resistance Band, 3
Additional Extreme Workouts, Energy and Endurance Guide, 2 additional resistance
bands, results and recovery formula, Beachbody jump mat, chin quality chin up
bar, and chin up max band.

p90x3 review

The 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s consists of;

There are Six Muscle Resistance Building Workouts

Total Synergistic- This is a form of a workout that helps you lose weight and firm your
body with 16 specific exercises. It’s a full body resistant workout that spikes
fast and powerful changes in your body’s composition. The exercises hit every
major muscle in the body. Overall, your abs, arms, chest, legs, back, and shoulders will get worked out hard.

The Challenge- This exercises and workouts help add strength to the upper
body. The resistant workout specifically focuses on back and chest. It
strengthens your entire upper body by stacking pull-ups and push-ups well. It’s
a tough workout that will leave you exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

Incinerator- Thisis a full body intense workout routine that pushes
you to the limits of your strengths and abilities and practically forcing
muscle failure. It is designed to burn out the muscle groups by piling
different workouts on top of each other with little breaks in between.

The Warrior exercise routine- This is the one that teaches you the techniques of pumping iron
anywhere and anytime. It’s a total
body workout that incorporates isometric training. This means instead of moving
around, you will hold your body still in uncomfortable positions ensuring all
major and minor supporting muscle groups are engaged. This is an all-around workout that can be done anywhere at
any time.

Eccentric Upper workouts- these will develop lean muscles in the upper body over a few months and Eccentric
Lower develops a ripped lower body. It utilizes sow motion training ensuring muscles are worked as hard as possible for long. Don’t expect to throw
weights around fast, No! Instead, you will be required to go slow in a
controlled manner to maximize muscle burn. This workout will have your shoulders,
arms, back, and chest in pain and

3 Cross Training Power Workouts

Agility X routine- which improves your overall strength, balance, muscle strength and flexibility. It is a mix of anaerobic and aerobic training with
the aim of improving balance, flexibility, strength, and precision.

Triometrics- These workouts will boost your power and speed in all exercises and workout routines. These workouts are plyometrics kind of workouts
which involves leaping, hopping, jumping and other moves against the gravity. The longer you stay off the ground the harderyou work.

Decelerator- those exercises which improve muscle stability and provides training for men and women. This is the most
involving cardio ever seen. It focuses on precise and controlled moves that test your balance and agility. The whole concept is to be able to move fast but
equally stop on a dime once you start moving.

3 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

CVX- In full it means Cardio Vascular X. This is a workout for resistance training that works participants up to a full body
burn based on p90x3. It is one of the toughest cardio workouts that involve resistant training with a cardio workout. The whole idea is to raise the heart
rate as high as possible in short bursts in order to create a full body burn.

MMX– In full it means Mixed Martial Arts. These workouts will help you lose fat with its disciplined martial arts workout routine. Involves a lot of hopping,
kicking, sprawling and punching. It’s designed for fat burb while challenging your endurance, flexibility, strength and martial arts based cardio moves.

Accelerator- According to p90x3, this is a program that enhances your muscles efficiency and improves
cardiovascular health. It doubles as agility and balance training. It’s not all about strength but also speed. The aim is to increase your muscular and cardiovascular efficiency, leading in more fat burn.

4 Core Flexibility and Balance Workouts

X3 Yoga – This is a routine designed to improve the whole musculoskeletal system and improve overall balance and strength. It’s mostly easy and light with few moves
that are challenging.

Pilates X- Aims at improving muscle and joint strength, and stretching ability. The core is not only about abs, also the obliques and lower
back are included. This p90x3 workout increases muscle elasticity, adds power to your core and stabilizes your joints. Be warned that the 30 minutes will be
uncomfortable and the workout itself is hard, so prepare!

Isometrix- This is a routine that uses isometric contractions to help build solid muscles and a lean body. The aim is to make your body stay balanced in one
position. No need for heavy lifting as you will feel the burn even while staying in balance while in one position still. The whole idea is turning your
body into an unshakable workstation.

Dynamix –These workouts will increase your range of motion and help you maximize results
from all the different routines. It uses a variety of stretching techniques with the aim of increasing flexibility, stabilization and range of motion. It
involves moving away gently the muscles for more flexibility and length with the goal of maximizing results gotten from the entire p90x2 program.

What Are You Waiting For?


Some people have trouble following their workout routine. Are you among them? Well, the review shows that the program has an inbuilt
schedule that makes it easy for you to follow. The various programs are installed in DVDs and all you have to do is wake up, get dressed up for a workout, get the required equipment’s, look at
the p90x3 workout schedule to see which work out you are supposed to do, put the DVD for the day. The best part is that the workout session takes 30 minutes

Types of P90X3 Schedules

There are four different types of p90x3 schedules in reference to the review that you can follow. They are described below.

CLASSIC – This schedule is mainly for people who really want a balanced routine. In this schedule, the focus is on both cardio and
strength training using a traditional workout week. You will lose fat, gain muscle and strengthen all those inner connection muscles for great balance
and posture.

p90x3 classic schedule

LEAN – This schedule is for those people that want that more toned looked rather than muscle gain. You are really not
interested in gaining some muscle. You focus on flexibility, muscle toning, mobility, and cardio.

p90x3 lean schedule

MASS – The name says it all. This is for people looking to pack on muscle and bulk up. This is great for those who are feeling like they are too skinny, athletes
needing to pack on muscle. You will need to follow the nutrition guide strictly to ensure you are eating the right amount of calories for weight gain. You
also need to focus on the sets and reps when working out. Make sure you are maximizing your effort while working out.

p90x3 mass schedule

DOUBLES – Well, this schedule is suitable for only a few people, those who can keep up with the p90x3
workout strictly. You need to finish the workout at least once. Then you start it again. You will seriously be working yourself off twice a day.

p90x3 doubles schedule

Each workout plan has a total of 13 weeks. These weeks are broken down into 3 blocks. The first 2 blocks have the same weekly plan for the first 3 weeks
and then a transition plan for week 4. The 3rd block has the first 4 weeks changing alternately in order to create variety for your body to continue
transforming. Lastly, there is a 5th and final week to ensure the deal is sealed. Every single day, Monday through to Saturday, there is a unique workout
waiting for you in your DVD player. You will not ever do the same workout two days continuously. That is one of the best things about this program – variety!

How many times have you started a workout program only to get bored and quit in the first week because you’re doing the same workout routine daily? That
is not the case with the P90X3 workout schedule! With P90X3 workout program, you will go from total-body resistance to Pilates to yoga to practicing mobility
or agility and to even a mixed martial arts series. With the P90X3 workout schedule, there are no getting bored kind of excuses.

The p90x3 workout program indicates a variety of 16 incredible workouts, a mere 30 minutes of working out a day, and you could
be ripped in just 90.

Get in Shape With Tony Horton!


P90x3 poses this program as a lightweight and minimal use of equipment kind of program. A set of dumbbells or resistance band are needed. If
you own adjustable dumbbell you will be good to go. Depending on how strong you are, men can use between 5lbs all to 45
lbs or more while women could need 3 lbs and 5 lbs. A doorway strong chin-up bar and stability balls are also necessary.

Apart from the weights, ensure you wear the right shoe. Get neutral shoes that are built for running and other activities as well.


P90x3 indicates that the main aim of the p90x3 meal plan is to help you be an intuitive eater’. This means that you listen to your body
cues thus being able to make right nutritional decisions. This diet program is for everyone, athletes, those seeking or not seeking to lose weight. Below are some factors
to consider while you are making your meal plan based on the p90x3 program.

  • Gender- Men need to eat more than women due to the difference in muscle and bone structure and
  • Weight- Heavier
    people, looking to lose weight thus will eat less of calories as opposed to the
    light ones seeking to add weight and muscle.
  • Activity level outside the p90x3 workouts- Those people who
    have a relatively not involving job/ desk job, will eat less caloric foods as
    compared to hardcore construction or heavy manual jobs people.
  • Modifiers- Those seeking to lose weight, maintain or add
    weight will have different meal plans.

The above factors are used in developing an effective p90x3 meal plan which is
based on your caloric plan. The caloric plan is based on your score. Below is a clear elaboration of these steps from
one of the p90x3 reviews.


  1. Gender: Female – add 1
  2. Male – add 2
  3. 2.Weight: 130lbs. or less-
    add 1
  4. 131-160 lbs -add 2
  5. 161-180 lbs -add 3
  6. 181-200 lbs -add 4
  7. 201-220
    lbs -add 5
  8. 221 lbs and
    above- add 6

3. Activity level outside p90x3 program:

  1. Desk job or slacker –subtract 1
  2. Waiter or moderate – add 0
  3. A construction worker or hardcore-add 1


  1. want to lose weight -add 0
  2. Want to maintain weight- add 1
  3. Want to add weight -add 2

The total score you get will help you in selecting your p90x3 calorie plan in the following way;


  • 2 0r fewer points: Plan A (1,800)
  • 3 Points: Plan B (2,100)
  • 4 Points: Plan C (2,400)
    5 Points: Plan D (2,500)
  • 6 Points: Plan E (2,700)
    7 Points: Plan F (3,000)


This step involves tracking your nutrition.


  1. calories 1500
  2. Protein 113g
  3. carbohydrates 150g
  4. fat 50g


  1. calories 1800
  2. protein 135g
  3. carbohydrates 180g
  4. fat 60g


  1. calories 2100
  2. protein 158g
  3. carbohydrates 210g
  4. fat 70g


  1. calories 2400
  2. protein 180g
  3. carbohydrates 240g
  4. fat 80g


  1. calories 2700
  2. protein 203g
  3. carbohydrates 270g
  4. fat 90g


  1. calories 3000
  2. protein 225g
  3. carbohydrates 300g
  4. fat 100g

Why people love the p90x3 program.

a)The base workouts are only 30 minutes long. Although each DVD has some optionally extended warm-ups
also known as “Cold Start” sessions as well as cooldowns.
These extra workouts can add up to extra 12 to 18 minutes to the total time.
Most people will greatly benefit by not skipping these sections, especially the
warm-ups because they will decrease injury risks and increases the benefits of the main workouts.

In additions, unless you’re a serious athlete, working out for too long each day doesn’t really make much sense. The latest scientific studies have found that the most benefit from any exercise
routine are reaped in the first 20-30 minutes of workout. That is when your heart and lungs are working their
hardest. After this time, the body settles into a predictable routine and you
start to get fewer returns for your efforts.

b)P90x3 workout program requires very few equipment, much like the original
P90X program. The only pieces of gear that are absolutely necessary are a
simple door frame pull-up bar, dumbbells, and
a yoga mat. For most users, this is a big plus over P90X2, which required a
variety of equipment to complete the entire routine.

c)The P90x3 review shows that this program can be done by both the experienced and the
newbies “P90″ users alike. It’s simple and easy to follow, without
any of the awkward movements
found in P90X2. In fact, some online p90x3 reviews say
that P90X3 is an even better starting point. This applies especially to people
who aren’t used to very intense workouts compared to the original P90X program!

d)The p90x3 workout pace is fast, but not like FOCUS T25, Insanity, and some of the other Beach body workouts. Tony Horton tries his best to not only maximize
all of the 30 minutes of each workout but to also keep the intensity levels manageable for the newbies and average people in the gym (you and me!). Several compounds,
multi-joint exercises are included to increase efficiency, while “isolation”
movements (e.g. bicep curls) are kept to a minimum. To find out more about P90X3 vs T25 check out the link.

e)The cardio component in P90X3 is involving and designed to be challenging enough to ignite
your metabolism. As much as you will have opportunities to catch your breath,
your body will quickly get into the ideal fat burning mode, and stay there throughout
the workout period and even after as a
result of the “after-burn effect”.

f)MMX which is the new mixed martial arts workout is intense but full of fun. You almost
never stop moving, with front kicks, crazy “Superman” punches, and “sprawls” thrown in every few seconds. The
other cardio workouts are, challenging for the most part, but enjoyable as
well. You will certainly feel at the end that you did a lot of workouts.

g)Tony’s popular yoga workout is still in the p90x3 program but much better than before. No
longer boring, 90-minute marathon sessions for you. Instead, you get a basic yoga that is relatively fast-paced, and one that most people find
enjoyable. The Pilates workout video will be a little challenging if you’ve
never done this very unique style of exercise before but, luckily, it’s still
only half an hour long.

h)The nutrition that is included in the guide is very
elaborate and adds greatly to the whole value of the product. You’ll find delicious detailed eating plans and
recipes for every person. It even includes special versions for gluten-free, vegans and vegetarian, diets.


In case you are looking for a result guaranteed 30-minute workout per day for
rapid weight loss, muscle building or/and body strengthening, the new P90X3
workout program is an option that is greatly recommended. A lot of experts
experience and knowledge went into the making of this system, and that becomes clearer
as you work your way through it.

Those that seriously want to make it in the program will find the entire
investment worthwhile. Before taking on this program remember it is rigorous
and you should be in good physical condition. Check with your doctor
before proceeding. But if you are not in shape it is important to work up to
the levels at your own pace and have patience.

This review shows that anyone can benefit from the P90X3
program. Even though it is marketed as an “extreme” workout program, anyone at
any level of fitness can complete it because there are modifications to lower
the intensity for all the exercises. Each workout features Tony Horton and other
3 cast members. They will demonstrate how to do each move with different
equipment and intensity levels.

Someone who is just starting off obviously doesn’t need to do the exercise exactly the
way Tony does it he is a pro. They key is to just “do your best and forget the

This article has elaborated most information that you need to know about P903 workouts and diet
and I hope it will push you to get that dream Beach body you have always wanted.