Using Compound Exercises to Build Lean Muscle

Using Compound Exercises to Build Lean Muscle

compound lifts

There are literally hundreds of different training techniques and exercises used world-wide by millions of people to build lean muscle and add mass to your frame.

There is one “old school” form of training that all hardcore lifters always circle back to, that all bodybuilders swear by, and that is Compound Training. In this article, I’ll take you through the basics of compound lifting and why it’s so impressive.

What Is Compound Lifting?

I like to think of compound training as “old school” or better still “traditional training”. The type of training that was the staple of all bodybuilders in what’s known as the “Golden Era of Bodybuilding”, where the likes of Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno would focus on big lift on core muscle groups to add serious lean mass to their frames. In my opinion, it was this era of muscle men that put bodybuilding on the forefront of people’s minds and where compound lifting really came into its own.

The Basics of Compound Lifting

The best way to think about compound lifts is to group your body by the major muscle groups and movements. For example;

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Dips
  • Bent Over Rows

You can split these exercises into two movements:

  • Pushing Movements
    • Squats
    • Bench Press
    • Shoulder Press
  • Pulling Movements
    • Deadlifts
    • Pull Ups
    • Dips
    • Bent Over Rows

So, as you can see from in the above lists, compound lifts are very simple and straight forward; they only involve a pushing or a pulling motion against the natural laws of gravity.

If you’ve done any kind of weightlifting in the past, you’ll know the key benefit of following a compound exercise regime. Compound weight lifting allows you to lift heavier weights in a much safer manner due to their simplicity, resulting in faster, safer strength and size gains.

Another benefit, or perhaps the primary reason to do compound lifts is the fact that each compound lift recruits multiple muscle groups as opposed to a single muscle group like with isolation exercises.

Compound Exercises Increase Mass & Burn Fat

As a true compound exercise involves and uses multiple muscle groups, you can use them to lift a much heavier load as opposed to an isolation movement lift like a bicep curl or tricep extension.

Putting more or increased stress on your body by lifting more with compound movement exposes your body to a much higher hormone response, thus enabling more muscle growth and leading to more and better fat burning.

With muscle and strength training, we rip and do damage to our muscle fibres – good damage – which is where your body goes into hormone response mode. Your body produces and releases increased amounts of the hormone, testosterone as well as insulin like hormones which is what helps burns fat.

These hormones are mostly released during the recovery phase when you’re resting, helping you replenish energy levels as well as repair previously ripped and damaged muscle fibres.

Why is all of this important? When you’re performing compound exercises, you’re engaging more muscles in one go, thus ripping and damaging more muscle mass and ultimately causing your body to produce and release much more testosterone than it normally would.

Bottom line: Compound exercises build more muscle and burn more fat.

I should add, that I’m not against isolation exercises. In fact, if you’re looking to focus on and develop one part of your body; arms, shoulders, chest, etc. Then isolations are the best option as they can hone in on one area, giving you the desired effect for growth one specific muscle.

Compound Exercises Build Ripped Abs

Nothing defines strength and a kick-ass physique more than lean, shredded, ripped six-pack abs! This is where compound exercises can come into their own.

I’ve already made a point of saying that compound exercises involve more muscle groups in each single exercise, therefore meaning you’re working a much larger volume of your body, which also means you’re lifting much heavier weights… But what am I getting at??

By lifting more, and training harder, you’re naturally exercising at a higher tempo therefore burning more fat. Burning more fat means getting and looking more ripped, showing off shredded and tones abs!

Most, if not all compound exercises engage your core-stabilizing muscle, so even without realizing it, you’ve always got your abs in an “active” state, thus constantly putting them under pressure and working them to the max!

This is why it’s always important to ensure when you’re performing compound exercises, to keep one eye on your form. Keeping good form, forces your core-stabilizers to strengthen your trunk so you properly perform movements like bent-over rows, deadlifts or squats etc.

“Function over form”

Compound exercises can be related to real-life functional movements; therefore, this type of training will simply make your day-to-day activities….well, easier. Have you ever heard the phrase in the gym “function over form”? This is normally from the guys that are looking to boost strength, or preparing for a particular event. Well, when it comes to compound exercises, it means a lot more – it can transform your core.

Not you’ll always remember your form when you’re completing everyday “simple tasks”, like picking something off of the floor, or pulling something heavy towards you. Keep you back straight, use your legs and engage your core.

My Final Thought

Putting it bluntly, I can’t speak highly enough of compound exercises and the impact they can have on your training and your lifestyle.

Engaging all of the major muscle in your body more often means you’re training harder and more efficiently, every time you enter the gym. Normal day-to-day activities will become easier and you’ll start building a physique that will resemble that of a Greek God!

For me, compound exercises are unique because there isn’t a defined list of what you should or shouldn’t do. If you come up with a new exercise that involves multiple muscle groups and it helps you make gains and great results….then keep doing it and tell fellow gym goers about it. It’s true what they say, “knowledge is power”.

So, if you’re thinking about changing up your training routine but not sure what to do. You can’t go wrong with introducing compound exercises into your gym workouts.

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7 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

7 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

As the holidays approach, a majority of the population will be gaining weight – some the upwards of ten or more pounds.

Eating is an activity for people, and when the holidays and family and friendly gatherings approach, people find themselves easily overeating.

But, losing weight and keeping it off isn’t just hard during the holidays – it is a struggle for most people all year long. However, it isn’t impossible…

So, buy the right goal gear and start your journey – for example, get a great food journal, then follow these 7 tips:

  1. Plan ahead.Have you ever heard the famous saying, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”?

    This famous quote could not be more applicable than it is to a diet and keeping the weight off.

    If you are naïve enough to think that you will actually get up and make a gourmet salad each morning before work when you are not a morning person, you will find yourself slipping up and eating out.

    Things like meal prepping are valuable to keeping the weight off.

  2. Always have a Plan B.But, despite your best efforts to plan ahead, there will always be times where it just doesn’t work…

    And, for that, you should have a Plan B. For example, keep a menu on your desk of the healthy place across the street so you know exactly what you can order on those days where you just didn’t have enough time to meal prep.

  3. Limit liquid calories.A sweet tea is flavorful, but is it really worth having to skip lunch that day?

    Believe it or not, there are several drinks that are probably as many calories as some of the healthy meals you eat. So, is one drink really worth it?

    Drinking your calories doesn’t fill you up or keep you full.

  4. Increase the satiety of your calories.Countless people will go on a “diet” and still eat a cheeseburger for dinner…

    But, how do they do that if they are calorie counting? Well, they simply don’t eat all day until they eat that one cheeseburger but then that one cheeseburger costs them all their calories.

    And, they can’t stick to the diet because they are still starving all the time – despite eating all their calories.

    But, instead of trying to fit that one piece of junk food into your diet, focus on trying to get more out of your calories. For example, you could eat celery literally all day long without using more than a few calories.

    Practicing getting the most out of your calories will help you keep the weight off.

  5. Focus on mindless eating.There is no lack of studies on how your eating environment effects your food intake. For example, eating in front of the television every day is typically linked to more overeating.

    Try to start by eating off smaller plates and drinking out of tall, thin glasses. This gives you the illusion that you have more to eat or drink than you actually do. It will help you stay on track without feeling like you are missing out.

    It really all is just a mind game.

  6. Exercise outside of the gym.One of the easiest excuses in the book is that “you don’t have time to get to the gym.”

    Most people don’t want to go or don’t have time to go in the morning, and after a long day at work, that desire to go is even harder to find. But, what is easy to do is to just say you can’t go.

    But, who says that you can only exercise in the gym? You don’t even have to drive anywhere to walk or run around your block. And, there are plenty of quick, five-minute workouts you can do right from the comfort of your living room.

    Get in the habit of finding exercise activities you can do outside of the gym. Furthermore, try to find exercises you can do in various locations such as in the park, in your neighborhood, and even in your own home.

  7. Weigh yourself.The scale is a dreaded utensil for most people. It is much easier to think that you haven’t gained that much weight when you really have no idea of just how much you actually have. You can keep denying what you really don’t know, right?

    But, this is one of the easiest ways to start gaining all the weight back…

    This goes for both losing and gaining weight – but it takes weeks or even months for you to notice a physical difference in yourself. After all, you look at yourself daily – typically more than once daily.

    You don’t have to weigh yourself every single day because you will fluctuate, but try to shoot for at least one weekly weigh-in just to always keep in mind where you are at.

    And, keep a weight log – so, every weigh-in day, record what the scale read.

Keeping the weight off is hard, but starting from scratch is even harder…

If you have already started to lose weight, you are already on the right path, so let’s work to keep it off permanently instead of falling back into the same old routine.

What tips or strategies have helped you keep weight off so far? Share your tips and motivation with us in the comments!

13 Amazing Medicinal Uses of Amla

13 Amazing Medicinal Uses of Amla


Whenever you talk about herbal and natural medicines, you can never fail to mention amla. Since the old golden days, it has been used across the world to cure and prevent a whole bunch of health conditions. This fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry, has many properties including being a rich source of vitamin C. All these elements collectively contribute to its popularity. For this reason, It is heavily used to manufacture many high-quality medicines. This piece outlines some of the many health benefits it brings to the table.

It inhibits the occurrence of heart disease

Heart disease is life-threatening and should be prevented by all means possible. One of the major causes of this dreaded condition is build up of bad cholesterol. Amla puts up a fight by preventing this. Besides, it reduces clogging in the arteries and also prevents thickening of the walls of the blood vessels. All these together ensure a healthy heart with a lowered possibility of heart attack and other heart illnesses.

It ensures the health of the urinary system

Toxins can bring about conditions of all kind if not flushed out of the system. Urination assists the body to get rid of these toxic substances. Our miracle fruit promotes urination without causing over-stimulation. It does so by promoting the frequency and volume of urination; you pass more urine and at quicker intervals. In fact, in some cases, it has been used to treat uremia, which is a condition of the urinary system.

Increases the rate of metabolism

If you are struggling with weight problems, worry no more as amla is here to save the day. Just like Garcinia Cambogia, you can use this fruit as a supplement to achieve better results in your quest to shed off some pounds. It boosts the burning of calories by promoting the absorption of lean proteins. If you combine this fruit with a good diet plan and exercising, you got yourself a highly effective recipe for weight loss.

Boosts general immunity

Most diseases are usually brought about by free radicals. Free radicals are basically thief-cells. They steal certain components of other cells to complete themselves, thus leaving them and your body as a whole exposed to various causes of illnesses, such as bacteria. Once you have made the consumption of amla a norm, you will have beaten many diseases and will see the doctors less often.

It inhibits the occurrence of cancer

Indian gooseberry has superoxide dismutase that beats cancer-causing agents and chemicals. If your family has a history of genetical cancer, consider consuming amla and also giving it to your kids right from a young age. It will work miracles.

amla powder

Used to cure a sore throat

If you have sore throat problems, you do not have to worry as amla beats it. The most recommended recipe to heal this condition involves mixing amla oil with a tablespoon of natural honey and dipping some chipped ginger pieces in it. Such preparation will always keep your throat in check and even go a step further to cure coughs.

It prevents ulcers

Ulcers of the stomach are caused by stomach acids and facilitated by day to day state of mind such as stress. Well, at least amla can take care of the acid for you. It has alkaline and antibacterial properties that balance the pH level of your stomach, thereby suppressing the chances of catching ulcers. Besides, mouth ulcers which are equally dangerous are caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. As said earlier, amla is a major supplier of this type of vitamin.

It ensures good health of the liver

While alcohol cooks up and deteriorates the health of your liver, this amazing fruit does the opposite. As a person who cares about your health, you should ditch alcoholic drinks and start drinking amla juice. You will enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fully functional liver and will for sure live longer.

It purifies the blood and prevents anemia

Antioxidants flush toxins and ensure your blood stays clean. Needless to say, clean blood has its whole bunch of benefits, all leading to the possibility of falling sick less often. This fruit also raises the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin, thus preventing anemia and other blood-related conditions.

It inhibits aging

As years go by and age trickles in, body cells tend to disorient and die rapidly, paving a way to wrinkles and other signs of old age. Amla reduces this by inhibiting the free radicals that damage the cell membranes and enzymes that promote the build-up of cells. This actively fights the aging process and makes you look unbelievably younger.

Assists in digestion

Through flushing out toxins and being alkaline in nature, this magical fruit balances and facilitates digestion. It is also rich in fiber and roughages thus prevents constipation. Good digestion has its associated health benefits and ensures adequate growth in both adults and children.

It strengthens and maintains hair

Calcium is one of the most useful elements of the body. It is needed for almost every aspect of growth and strength. Amla, being rich in this nutrient advocates for healthier hair, maintains its color and prevents loss of the same.

Improves eyesight

Common eye problems can be prevented or cured by consuming this incredible fruit. You do not have to wear spectacles. You can beat eye problems by making consumption of amla a habit. It can be the answer to watery eyes and itchy eyes.

Amla, despite its bitter taste, is surely a milestone in the industry of medicine. There are many more benefits that come along with using it; this website just highlights the major ones. Specialists advise that it is better to consume the fruit while in its natural and uncompromised state. However, if it is not readily available to you, its products are equally effective. Therefore, you have no reason not to take advantage of this gift from mother nature to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you can save a lot of money by preventing illnesses that would otherwise call for hospital bills if allowed to get the better of you.

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ACL Injury Guide – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

ACL Injury Guide – Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


The Anterior Cruciate Ligament aka ACL is the major ligament that runs diagonally right in through the center of the knee. In addition to providing rotational stability to your knee, it plays a vital role in preventing the tibia (shinbone) from slipping out in front of the femur (thighbone). The ligament is a strong band of tissues that connect different bones. In case of ACL, it connects your femur to the tibia. A tearing of this ligament is known as ACL injury.

ACL injury usually occurs during intense sports, such as soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, skiing, and gymnastics, that involve frequent leg movements like jumping, sudden stops, or changes in direction. When the injury occurs, a popping sound can be heard in the knee. The knee may instantly start to swell or feel unstable, and it becomes painful to bear weight.

The treatment can range from rest and rehab exercises to surgery and replacement of the torn ligament followed by rehab, depending on the severity level of the injury. Proper warm up and a training program can be handy to minimize the risk of an ACL injury in future.

AAOS recommendation

Here are some of the recommendations by The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for people who have a torn ACL or had it in the past

  1. To protect your knee joint, get reconstructive surgery within five months of the injury
  2. Get a musculoskeletal exam of your lower extremities
  3.   To diagnose any associated cartilage or joint issues, magnetic resonance imaging should be performed

What can cause ACL Injury?

As mentioned earlier, most injuries occur during intense physical activity or sports that put sudden stress on the knee. Several situations that can result in a torn ACL include sudden slowdown, changing direction, pivoting while your foot is planted firmly on the ground, incorrect landing from a jump, or receiving a blow to the knee. The tear can be partial or complete, and even a mild tear can overextend the ligament, however, it leaves it intact.

What are the symptoms of a torn ACL?

A loud popping sound or sensation in the knee, accompanied by severe pain, immobility, and loss of range motion are the instant symptoms that occur right after the injury. Moreover, the knee can gradually swell and result in a feeling of instability.

torn acl

What are the major risk factors?

Overweight people are at a greater risk of ACL injury. Moreover, women are also more susceptible as compared to men who play the same sports. There are two reasons behind this: firstly, women have a strength imbalance in their legs as their thighs are stronger than the hamstrings. Remember, hamstrings play the key role in preventing the shinbone from overextending the ACL. Secondly, studies have shown that women land from a jump in a way different from men, which results in a greater stress on the knee.

How to minimize the risk?

Researchers have shown that proper warm up before any intense physical activity, and regular exercises to strengthen lower torso, hips, and of course, legs can reduce the risks of an ACL injury.

When to seek medical help?

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is a good starting point to relieve pain but here are the signs that tell you to see a doctor immediately:

  1. Severe pain and swelling
  2. Popping sound or sensation in the knee
  3. Painful to put weight on the affected leg
  4. Giving way, limping also raise red flags about a ligament damage

What type of specialist do you need to see?

You should see your primary care for initial assessment, although an orthopedic surgeon is a specialist who will eventually diagnose and treat your damaged ligament. If the injury occurred during a sporting event or training, a certified athletic trainer might first examine the player on the field. In case there’s a need for surgery, a physical therapist will be involved in ongoing treatment, before and after the surgery. A therapist might be involved for rehab even if the treatment doesn’t require surgery.

How is an ACL injury diagnosed?

The physician will ask you to go through a quick history of how the injury occurred and also any prior knee injuries. The diagnosis then begins with the physical examination of the knee, which can be hard with the swelling and pain. Anterior drawer test, pivot shift test, and the Lachman’s test are some of the maneuvers that the doctor can use to determine the nature of the injury. Plain X-rays can be done to detect any bone fracture that might have occurred along with an ACL tear, while MRI can evaluate the anatomy of the knee and detect any tears in ligaments or damage to the bone or meniscus.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment options include surgery or rehab through physical therapy. The type of treatment depends on your activity level. The International Knee Documentation Committee has defined four activity levels:

1. Includes extreme sporting activities such as jumping, hard cutting, and pivoting such as soccer, football, tennis, etc.

2. Side-to-side sports or continuous intense manual work

3. Light manual work, light sports such as cycling, running, etc.

4. Sedentary activity, no sports

People in level three and four are usually treated by rehabilitation and physical therapy, and surgery is hardly ever done. However, athletes who want to return to their original level of intense activity quickly will need surgery. In case of severe damage, the ligament might be replaced through the surgical process. Even if surgery is necessary, it’s not done immediately after the injury. There is a wait of about three to four weeks so that bleeding and swelling decrease and surgery can be planned.

A physical therapist plays a critical role in treatment and is involved in planning and pre-hab before surgery and rehab after surgery. Wearing an ACL tear knee brace can be a godsend during the rehab process to protect the ACL from any extra stress. The knee brace can be worn during sporting activities even after healing to minimize the risk of any future injuries. Recovery is usually measured in the number of months, and rehab can take up to nine months.

How Golo Supplements Can Help You Reduce Weight Effortlessly

golo supplement

Is the future of losing weight looking dull for you? Don’t worry anymore. Golo supplements are specially formulated to help you lose weight effortlessly. It offers a complete solution that enhances safe, sustainable and efficient mechanism for reversing obesity, heart risk factors, and diabetes among other complications.

About Golo weight loss plan

Having featured as the number one searched diet on google for 2016, Golo 30 days rescue plan helps you improve insulin management and efficiency, speed up your weight loss and maintain the results for the long term. The best part of this fitness program is that you don’t have to diet anymore.

Combined with the release supplement, a healthy eating program, and the right exercises, you are at the safest position to lose weight and never diet again. The plan encompasses specially formulated ingredients and emphasizes indulging in the most beneficial exercises for weight loss.

How Golo weight loss plan works

According to the holistic nutritionists and customers testimonials, Golo diet plan is all about insulin management. Even though this may make you think about diabetes, it isn’t really the case. The whole thing revolves around the concept of insulin optimization. Golo supplements enhance an ideal state where the body doesn’t under produce or overproduce insulin. Instead, insulin levels remain steady without spiking or crashing frequently.

Nonetheless, Golo supplements help you regulate glucose intake, against counting calories, consuming real food and providing the body with the proper nutrients it requires. By doing so, Golo weight loss plan allows you to achieve maximum results in just a matter of seven days. However, experts encourage you to continue with the plan for a total of 90 days if you want to achieve a lifetime result. Additionally, this weight loss plan will also help you boost energy, vitality, improve your sleep and lower stress and anxiety levels.

Golo release supplement

Golo weight loss plan prides itself on its release supplement which contains a blend of seven all natural, plant-derived ingredients from all over the planet. It also contains three minerals which are supported by various studies supporting their efficacy and safety. This supplement promises to help in insulin optimization, increasing cell receptor sensitivity and to even function as insulin when it isn’t working ideally.

As a result, this supplement provides powerful metabolic support by enhancing fat release, glucose management to reduce weight gain, reduce cravings, healing metabolic dysfunction, reduce stress and improve moods by balancing body hormones. Besides, the intake procedure is simple and direct. You will need to the release soft gel in the middle of every meal, and this will optimize your insulin, eliminate weight gain and allow the breakdown of stored fat.

Now, after your insulin has been optimized, you can gradually stop the use of Golo supplement. According to Golo health experts, most people take the release supplement for up to 3 to 6 months for maximum results. But, you shouldn’t take Golo supplement if you are breastfeeding or suffering from type 1 diabetes unless instructed otherwise by the physician.

As a call for action and summary of the Golo supplement in losing weight, you will enjoy a lot of benefits if you follow the diet plan. It offers safe and sustainable weight loss solution, effective weight loss components and improved overall health. Furthermore, Golo supplements aren’t expensive making it an affordable diet plan


Shakeology Review

shakeology review

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a popular meal replacement shake that is said to help people lose weight by combining dozens of superfood ingredients into one product. There are healthy digestive enzymes, adaptogens to help you relieve stress, and tons of antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

Shakeology has a ton of claims, including:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Helps lower blood sugar levels
  3. Helps promote muscle growth due to the protein in the product
  4. And helps you lose weight

Now, there are quite a few other claims that people like to make when referring to Shakeology, but we won’t get into those here. This Shakeology review will cover more of the basics about Shakeology, and will hopefully help answer some of your questions.

Shakeology Ingredients

Below you can watch a brief video that explains some of the ingredients in Shakeology:

Shakeology has a reputation for being one of the healthiest meal replacement shakes on the market. Containing over 70+ ingredients, it includes superfoods such as Quinoa, Kale, Chia Seed, and a whole lot more. To learn more about superfoods check out

Needless to say, this shake is full of nutritious vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your body needs to be as healthy as possible. In total, the nutrients that you get in Shakeology will cover approximately 50% of your recommended daily intake for those vitamins and minerals. And, each serving of Shakeology contains just 160 calories in the chocolate flavor. But, each flavor has a different number of calories, ranging from 150-170 per serving. In terms of health benefits, there are not many shakes out there that are better than Shakeology.

Shakeology Price

This is where Shakeology tends NOT to shine, as it’s one of the most expensive options for meal replacement shakes on the market. With a price of $129.95 for a one month supply, it is definitely a little more on the premium side. Each pack contains 30 servings, one serving for each day of the month, which puts the cost per serving at around $4.00.  If you think about it, a serving is meant to replace a meal, so the cost of $4.00 for a meal really isn’t that bad compared to going out to eat during lunch and paying a minimum of $10.

What Does Shakeology Offer?

If you’re looking for that magic product that will make you lose weight effortlessly, then this isn’t the product for you. In fact, there is no such product.

Shakeology is a nutritious meal replacement shake, nothing more. Sure, it can help you lose weight, but Shakeology by itself can’t help you lose weight if you don’t exercise and eat like garbage the rest of the time.

That being said, an interesting claim that a lot of people make is that it helps you lose weight. How can this be? Well, when it comes down to it, here’s how Shakeology helps you lose weight. We know that each serving contains around 160 calories, right? So, by replacing one of your daily meals with Shakeology, you’re actually reducing your overall daily calorie intake. Let’s say that the meal you replace with Shakeology contains around 500 calories. That’s a decent meal. If you do the math, you’re reducing your overall calorie intake by 360 calories, which is how Shakeology can help you lose weight by simply replacing one of your meals.

Shakeology also claims to help reduce cravings, which if you’re someone who likes sweets, can be a very good thing.


Overall, Shakeology is easily one of the most nutritious meal replacement shakes available. It has tons of great ingredients in it, a healthy serving of protein, and has a lot of positive customer reviews to back it up. The one drawback is the hefty price tag. If you’d like to know more about Shakeology, take a look around the site, I’m sure you’ll find something to help answer your questions.


Lose That Paunch In Just 10 Days

Lose That Paunch In Just 10 Days

lose the belly

With so many ongoing occasions and festivities, binging on unhealthy, scrumptious foods is a common occurrence. However, are you at your healthy best? Well, an undoubted fact is that a vast number of individuals are busy battling the unwanted protruding stomach, often referred to as the unsightly paunch. So much so that getting into your favorite denims or skirts becomes an everyday issue. Well, here is some good news; we present to you some simple tips that, if followed religiously, could help you reduce your paunch in 10 days flat.

Ten tips to reduce that paunch:

  1. Drink plenty of water Known as an essential ingredient for our system, water works miracles by flushing out toxins and helps hydrate the system. Consider drinking warm or lukewarm water for quicker results.
  2. Cut down on carbs- Many nutritionists staunchly believe that cutting down on carbs will help slim down phenomenally. However, they also suggest not opting for a zero carb diet as carbs are the ingredient that provides energy and fuel to your body.
  3. Increase your intake of proteins- It is essential for you to have a diet that is rich in proteins. Consider including baked chicken and fish along with steamed vegetables to help instill the right amounts of proteins in your daily diet.
  4. Crash diets are a big no-no– Expert dietitians often ask their patients to keep away from crash diets. Instead, you should opt for a wholesome diet with the perfect combination of 30% protein, 60% vegetables and 10% carbohydrates; if tummy fat loss is on your agenda.
  5. Eat slowly- Two simple rules to be followed for weight loss is eating slowly and stopping eating when you’re about 70-80% full.
  6. Take walks more often- In today’s luxurious lifestyle, walking is almost pass. Well, for those who wish to lose some flab; walking that extra mile with a smile is recommended. Opt for brisk walking and ensure to take a minimum of 30 minutes’ walk every day.
  7. Crunches- Focus on your 10 day deadline and push yourself when it comes to doing extra crunches. It is important for you to stay dedicated and focused. Do some extended research and watch some videos online to help you get the technique right as well.
  8. Develop self-control- It is vital for you to stick on to your goal, irrespective of what temptation you’re being put through. Keep yourself away from reaching the chocolate bar in your fridge, the cheese oozing pizzas at birthday parties and the mouth-watering candies in your sibling’s cupboard.
  9. Just quit- Certain foods that should be avoided in any weight loss diet plan include red meat, sweets, junk foods, sodas, canned foods as well as oily foods.
  10. Stay focused- Throughout the ten days, be sure to follow each and every tip mentioned above if you wish to garner the expected results.

So, waste no more of your crucial time and get following the above-mentioned tips for best results and solutions!

5 Best Slimming Tablets in the U.K

slimming tablets

Weight loss is the reduction of the total body mass. Intentional weight loss is referred to as slimming. Slimming pills reduce weight by reducing stomach volume, suppressing appetite, blocking fat absorption and reducing fat. Below is a list of the best tablets available in the U.K for weight loss.

Top 5 Slimming Tablets

1. Phen375: Phen375 has proven to be the most successful analog diet pill. It was developed as an alternative of Phentermine and contains the same fat-burning power minus the side effects. The anti-obesity pill is sold only under a doctor’s prescription. The manufacturing company, RDK Global, mixed pharmacy grade ingredients to form a formula which burns fat and suppresses appetite. Phen375 is faster than other weight loss pills and sheds off an average of 3 pounds a week.

2. Gravitate Nutrition contains two products: Gravitate Supersculpt and Gravitate DietVits. The combined products target all five key areas of weight loss. The ingredients are 100% organic and the formulas are free of caffeine. Supersculpt suppresses appetite by making you feel full, while DietVits aids in burning fats, boosting the metabolism and blocking carbohydrates.The Gravitate kit also comes with an eating plan which is optional. The free program helps in preparing your meals to achieve the most out of their products.

3. Garcinia Cambogia ExtraThis supplement reduces weight loss by converting ingested calories into energy, rather than storing it as fat. The tablets are manufactured in the UK by Advanced Health Company. Garcinia Cambogia Extra is manufactured using the recommended dosage of garcinia extract (60%). This dosage is the most efficient for burning fat.

4. Garcinia TrioThis pill is composed of three ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Synephrine, and L-Carnitine. The combination supports weight loss by suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and burning of fat. The ingredients used to make the supplements are 100% organic.Garcinia contains hydroxy citric acid which is well known for preventing the formation of fatty tissues in the body. L-Carnitine oxidizes fatty acids to release energy and Synephrine stimulates energy production, therefore, increases the metabolism. These three ingredients work together to achieve the desired weight loss.

5. XLS Medical Max PillsThese pills are the first XLS product which reduces calorie intake from sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. The ingredients are acquired from natural organic plants sources. The active ingredient, Clavitanol, reduces some activities of enzymes alpha amylase, alpha glucosidase, and lipase. The reduced enzyme activity affects the digestion of carbohydrates, fats, and sugars. The undigested particles are too large to be absorbed into the body and are excreted out of the body. This natural process is responsible for preventing weight gain. XLS Medical Max pills also lower blood sugar and insulin, and this helps in curbing snacking and managing blood glucose. You can buy XLS from the pharmacist without a prescription.


These slimming tablets are not an alternative to conventional weight loss tactics. They should be combined with a workout program and a diet to achieve the best results. It is also important to note that these pills may have associated side effects and you should seek a doctor’s advice before taking the supplements.

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With the swelling popularity of T-boosters, you most likely have come across extremely tempting solutions from the 1001 products that have flooded the drug market. They largely promise to drive your muscle power and bedroom performance to astronomical heights. A huge number under-deliver or do not deliver at all.

You’re concerned that you may get scammed into buying the wrong product, such a waste of money and possible monumental risk to your health. Worry no more for we are about to explore the best testosterone boosters out there. Those thoroughly tried, clinically tested and holding critical acclaim.

The first of our best testosterone boosters is Testofuel. Comprising only of natural ingredients such as Oyster extract, the vital vitamin D, and D-aspartic acid. Testofuel proves a great choice for anybody looking. Within a period of 3-4 months. Testofuel, taken as orange capsules, has produced visible impressive results to users as is displayed from the thousands of testimonials on the company’s website.Another plus for Testofuel is that the company is ever eager to come up with ways to improve their product and hence you get the real deal with their product.

Your next best bet has to be Axis Labs Hypertest XTR. One of the best testosterone boosters out there, Hypertest XTR uniquely contains a formula by the name ZMA a mix of vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc which restores testosterone levels. Packed in multiple distinctively colored capsules, Hypertests also boasts of a load of other minerals and herbs such as the rare ashwagandha, a natural way to add on muscle strength and recovery especially for active athletes

The other legitimate t-booster on the shelves is prime male. Prime male, made by Propura is made especially for guys in their middle age( 35 years) and beyond with an aim to counter declining libido and muscular strength presented by this stage of their lives. This group of people is characterized by dipping testosterone levels and a surge in estrogen levels cause increased fat, lower energy and muscle building Prim male combines a whole host of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts to bring out a 100% naturally safe product for long term use. It boasts of numerous positive reviews and testimonials and is highly recommended for the older men who want to preserve youthful prowess.

Another product yet out there is QUANTUM T. M Theory have strived to come up with one of the best testosterone boosters in the market and have succeeded. Combining two dosages of itself in one, quantum T is clinically tested and science backed ingredients to its core. Quantum T AM blend is a dose for the day while Quantum T Pm is made for the night. Both work towards to boosting testosterone production and lowering cortisol and estrogen levels in the body for desired results

Closing our top five best testosterone boosters is the EVLUTION NUTRITION’s EVLTEST. The 500 mg dose tested and confirmed to comprise of crucial D-aspartic acid and fenugreek not to mention a unique compound by the name diindolylmethane (DIM). Everest enhances testosterone by an impressive percentage and promises to help you sleep better and refine your stamina.

There you have it. Now you know which t-boosters are the real deal out there. DISCLAIMER: taking performance enhancing drugs can cause what’s called GYNO, to learn more about this I suggest doing additional research.

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How sleep affects athletic performance

importance of sleep

Sleep will always be an important factor in your everyday routine, especially if you’re someone that has high levels of activity during the day. Strenuous activity puts added stress to the body which then repairs itself during sleep. This is where the importance of getting enough sleep comes into play.

How much sleep you need depends on your genetics and the type of activity you participate in but a minimum of 8 to 10 hours is recommended for optimal recovery of the muscles and the nervous system.

Consequences of sleep deprivation

During the REM phase, processes important to muscle recovery and performance begin to happen. This is the time when energy and memory are being restored and repaired. If this phase is interrupted or cut short the brain doesn’t have enough time to finish this process and in turn sacrifices athletic performance.

Sleep deprivation will result in decreased accuracy, poor form, declined results in performance and bad mood. It also increases the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and slows down recovery right after physical activity.

Getting enough sleep benefits athletes in several ways:

  • Increased speedathletes that get an extra 2 hours of sleep at night have an increase in speed and accuracy of 9%. Sufficient amount of sleep increases reaction time and reflexes making you quicker, precise and more alert. A single night of no sleep is enough to reduce athletic performance by 300% and recovery will take up to several days. Surprisingly low levels of fatigue can impair reaction time as much as being drunk would.
  • Increased intensity – Getting at least 9 hours of sleep at night increases performance results in high intensity workouts like weight lifting, high intensity interval training, cycling and running.
  • Mental strength – Getting enough sleep gives the mind a break after it has finished repairing the body. This results in higher alertness and quicker reflexes
  • Coordination – As mentioned before REM state is the most important part of sleep, it’s the point where memories are being restored and the nervous system repaired. During this time the brain is memorizing new skills and consolidating memories connected to motor skills. This means that getting enough sleep will enable you to repeat the same actions, learn them better and achieve better results
  • Reduced injury rates – Sleeping less than 6 hours will greatly increase the risks of serious athletic injury. This is because fatigue severely affects reaction time and a tired athlete is slower to react to an obstacles or a potential hit on the court. By getting enough sleep you’re avoiding risk of any future injury caused by poor cognitive performance.
  • General health – Fatigue makes you more susceptible to illness by lowering the immune system and this is because shorter periods of rest don’t provide the body with enough time to repair and regenerate cells from the effects of daily activities and sport. Getting up to 10 hours of sleep results in greater health overall which means you will rarely have periods of down time brought on by sickness.

sleep deprivation

A factor we rarely think about – the quality of your bed

It is impossible to expect a good night’s rest when the bed that you’re sleeping on is giving you more grief than comfort. A good mattress is just as important as the amount of sleep you’re getting and depending on your preference there a several types of mattresses that you can choose from.

  • Innerspring mattresses are the most commonly used. Made with several layers of metal coils which provide bounce and even pressure point relief. A good mattress will have a higher metal coil count for better support. It’s a reliable go to as it fit’s most people’s needs in firmness and comfort.
  • Memory foam mattress offer great support and are usually recommended for people suffering from bad lower back pain. Memory foam is heat sensitive, it will contour and mold to your body relieving pressure points and give your body even support. Since it traps heat it’s a good mattress to go for if you’re an athlete since heat is known to increase blood circulation and promote relaxation and muscle recovery.
  • Latex foam mattresses offer great support and a relaxing, cooling effect.
    They’re almost identical in every aspect to the memory foam mattresses providing the same amount of support and pressure point relief minus the heat.
  • Air mattresses provide just as much support as a traditional innerspring mattress but with added comfort. They vary in quality and size but in general it isn’t hard to find a good quality one for a lower price. The best airbeds are fully adaptable, meaning you can adjust firmness to your liking and readjust it lost air. You can read more on that over at

To sum it up

Getting enough sleep is the most important factor in maintaining optimal health and the key to success of any athlete.

By getting enough sleep you’re making sure that your body is ready for action and on top of its peak performance.