PiYo Diet Plan – Does it Work?

The PiYo diet, also known as the (PiYo) GET LEAN EATING PLAN, is in other words what you would term as a healthy diet. This diet is aimed at making healthy eating easy and intuitive. PiYo diet is not just an ordinary weight loss diet, it is way much better than that. As a matter of fact, adhering to this 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% healthy fat, whole foods PiYo diet is the lead to than jaw-dropping results or not-so-great results. The results entirely depend on you.

piyo diet plan

Eating right is necessary. This is because food fuels you to be able to work out. PiYo diet seeks to combine all foods that are needed by your body in the right and healthy amounts. PiYo diet is balanced enough to ensure that you do not add unnecessary fat and weight but you still have enough energy to do PiYo workouts or any other workouts.

PiYo diet breaks food into 5 groups and their respective proper serving:

  1. Primary vegetables- mainly offer nutrients. 1 serving= 45 calories
  2. Secondary vegetables/grains– offers fiber to keep you full longer and more energized. On a PiYo diet, 2 servings are recommended. 1 serving = 70 calories
  3. Fruits– they are rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. 1 serving= 70 calories.
  4. Protein– The only building block and muscle sustainer. 1 serving =140 calories.
  5. Healthy fats– Provides a slow-digesting source of energy enabling you to stay full for long and contributes
    to your overall well-being. 1 serving = 140 calories.
  6. Free foods– PiYo diet has a 6th food category. These are known to be only advantageous to your body and you can
    take as much as you want.

The plan tells you the no of servings per group you need to take per day depending
on your weight and target goals. It can’t get easier than this, right? Well, the diet plan is elaborated further


Every person dreams of a perfect beach body. However, you cannot get into that perfect shape unless without a bit of work. You need to burn major calories and build lean muscles.
In order to achieve all these, there are steps that need to be followed.


For any diet plan to be successful, you must be ready to eat less than you are accustomed to. This means eating less than your body requires each day and while ensuring that your calories levels do not go too low to an extent where your body will result into burning muscle tissue for its supply of energy or lower the metabolism rate resulting to constant fatigue. To calculate your calorie level follow the formula below.

Current weight x 11 = caloric baseline

Caloric baseline + 400 = maintenance

Maintenance calories – 600= calorie target


PiYo diet beach body has 4 different plans
that is mainly dependent on your calculated calorie target. The 4 plans are
outlined below with reference to the servings needed per food group.

piyo diet

Plan A- calories (1200-1399)- the lowest number

4 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of grains

2 servings of fresh fruit

24 servings of protein (lean)

3 serving of healthy fats

Plan B- For people with a caloric target of between 1400-1599

5 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fruit

5 servings of protein (lean)

4 servings of healthy fats

Plan C- for people with a calorie target of between 1600-1799

6 servings of primary vegetables

2 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fresh fruit

6 servings of lean protein

4 servings of healthy fats

Plan D- for people with a calorie target of 1800 or more

6 servings of primary vegetables

3 servings of secondary vegetables and

3 servings of fresh fruit

7 servings of lean protein

4 servings of healthy fats


At this step,
you finally get to choose what you want to include in your meal plan. Given a list of wholesome diet options. The PiYo diet gives you the
freedom to choose in each of the 6
food groups we discussed above. This ensures fewer chances to rebel from the diet.

In addition,
the food list details the amount of portion each food equals to so no guesswork or calorie counting needs to be undertaken. The portions are measured using measuring spoons and cups with a few amounts
measured in ounces.


The PiYo diet is summed up by you coming up
with a meal plan for the week including your snacks. This allows you to
accurately and wholesomely own the diet plan and not feel like you are forced
into it. Plan your meals in reference to your liking but portion them
accurately according to your goals. The only caution needed s for the people
training more after the PiYo workouts, they need to add their caloric intake so
as to bump up their energy levels.

In Conclusion

PiYo diet can help you go a long way
towards achieving your desired body goals. Strict adherence to the diet means
more likelihood of positive changes as opposed to once in a while adherence.
Weekly meal planning of the PiYo diet helps you to avoid last minute
quick-meal-fix which is mostly not a so healthy meal or not a balanced meal. PiYo
diet meal planning also enables you to check for portioning. PiYo diet is
affordable and you plan according to your finance and food taste preference,
thus no pressure to your stomach or your finances. It also allows for
substitutes as it is not specific to the items, for example, grains you choose from a variety.

Learn your body and listen to it. Do not starve yourself. If you feel weak check your sugar levels or intake of food. Do not dismiss the snacks, they help avert cravings and
ensure you do not take large food portions at once. For more enjoyment and
challenge feel, do it with a partner or the family as a whole. This will help you stay focused together with PiYo workouts. PiYo diet is important in ensuring you rock
that bikini body. Read my full piyo reviews by clicking on the link.

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