T25 vs Insanity – The breakdown and comparison.

T25 vs. Insanity

Choosing between the Focus T25 and the Insanity workout routines can be a tough decision, but we’re hoping to help you make the right decision at the end of this article. Everyone is different and so the program that works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. This is the reason we’re breaking down each of these programs to make your decision easier.



Insanity’ just as the name suggests, is one of the most challenging workout programs on the market. It’s a total body workout which requires no equipment or gym –you can actually do it right at home using your body weight for resistance.

This program is based on a fitness technique known as “max interval training.” The traditional interval training involves exercising at very high intensity for a short period of time, followed by a long resting period. The aim is to increase your aerobic fitness while burning body fat.

Max interval training involves working as hard as physically possible for 3-minute intervals, followed by 30-second rest periods in between. The intensity that comes with the Insanity training program is claimed to burn as much as 1,000 calories an hour.

The program involves 10 workouts with each routine lasting between 45 and 60 minutes and these have to be done 6 days a week. The entire program takes 60 days to complete and your workout schedule changes weekly. In the first month, you will be required to perform 5 total body workouts, and these include;

  • Fit Test
  • Resistance and Cardio Power
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Pure Cardio
  • Cardio Recovery

Before you start the second month, there will be a recovery week that includes a balanced routine and a daily core cardio routine. While it will still make you sweat, this recovery week isn’t as intense as the first four weeks. This week prepares you for the even rougher workouts in the second month. The second month has the following 4 workouts:

  • Max – Interval Circuit
  • Max – Cardio Conditioning
  • Max – Interval Plyo
  • Max – Recovery

Insanity is generally an extreme workout program where you have to push both your mind and body to their limits. So while you might be ready and in good shape, you might find it challenging to keep up at first.

Focus T25


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Focus T25 is an intense full-body workout program similar to Insanity but with shorter sessions. While the Insanity program requires about 60 minutes per session, the Focus T25 squeezes all the benefits into just 25 minutes. The T25 workout routine consists of ten different 25-minute workouts.

The T25 program is a little less intense and has a starting point that allows you to work up gradually through 3 phases. The three phases include;

  • Alpha: Unlike the Insanity program, you’re not diving in head first here. The alpha phase is supposed to help you “get your feet wet” as far as the intensive workout is concerned. You’re basically testing the program to find your own suitable pace. Workouts in this phase include Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total body circuit, Ab intervals and Lower focus
  • Beta: once you’ve mastered the initial workout routine and worked up your muscles, the beta phase introduces some basic core conditioning. The workouts here include Core cardio, Rip’t circuit, Speed 2.0, Upper focus and Dynamic core.
  • Gamma: The T25 Gamma phase workouts routine is sold separately but highly recommended if you will be soon heading to more intense routines like Insanity. This phase involves some real hard-core weight training that prepares you for other more advanced workouts.

In the T25 program, you perform one workout a day for four days and two workout routines on the 5th day. You will then skip the 6th day and do some stretching and warm up on the 7th day. T25 might not be as intensive as the Insanity, but it’s still not for the faint-hearted. It’s a high impact, intensive work out that won’t let you off the hook for a full 25 minutes.

T25 vs Insanity


Insanity involves full 60 minutes of, well…insanity. The program demands 1 hour per day, 6 days a week and 60 total days of hard-core workout. If you can manage to spare an hour per day, the program works great. But one of the most common complaints from many participants is that they’re unable to get a full hour every day for 6 days a week. Which is why a few of them have ended up abandoning the program.

T25, on the other hand, is shorter, less punishing and with a customized starting point –but still very intense. T25 was primarily created for people who would love to get it done in lesser time but without sacrificing muscle-building and fat burning results. You still get an ultra-potent mix of core fitness, sculpturing, and cardio. T25 requires 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and a total of 70 days.


T25 might only require 25 minutes of your time per day, but that doesn’t make it any “easier” than the Insanity routine. You will be required to pack everything in the 25 minutes, and since it’s not a whole full hour, you can push harder knowing that it will be over soon.

When it comes to Insanity, you have to push yourself for a whole hour. Unlike the T25, it has very little room to modify your workout routine to suit you. Insanity is way more intense and punishing than T25 with no excuses and no exceptions.


T25 is designed to produce results without punishing your body so much. It begins on a lighter note that lets you define your starting point so you don’t have to kill yourself on the first day. You start at a comfortable but still challenging rate in the Alpha phase upon which you will build on in the Beta and gamma phases. So unlike the insanity program, you get to build your pace gradually over the weeks.

Who are These Programs Perfect for?

The suitability of T25 vs Insanity boils down to time. The Insanity workout routine was developed for people looking for intensive cardiovascular exercise routines. It’s truly hardcore. It comes with plyometric-based moves meant for shredding away fat from your body and it might be just the perfect choice for people looking for boot camp style workout routines.

The Focus T25 is quite an intensive workout routine too designed for full-body toning. It only requires 25 minutes per day and five days a week, making it a great option for busy mums and those with demanding full-time jobs. It’s generally suitable for those who have less time to spare and hence want to get the best results from each workout effort.

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